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Symptoms of herpes without any lesions


3.5 weeks ago I had an unprotected encounter with a female who claimed to be STD free. About two weeks after I started getting an itchy rash in my groin region and eventually my scrotum turned bright red.

Then, my skin felt very sensitive to gently touch in my lower abdomen and upper right butt cheek. I started putting lotrimin cream on the groin rash and not much changed the first couple days. It then felt like a lymph node in my upper right thigh was painful and swollen. An itchy and burny pain has persisted with my scrotum and penis shaft and now the head of my penis feels very sensitive and possibly a little bit of a burn feeling. Nothing excruciating when I urinate but I for sure feel something.

In general I am feeling very tired, lethargic and overall down. I went to a doctor and they inspected my groin and said it looked like jock itch and whatever was going on with the scrotum and groin didn't look like herpes.

My symptoms seem to match so much of what I have found on the internet and Idk if it's just my mind playing tricks on me.

Is it possible to have all of these symptoms but not have any lesions that I can see? Does this sound like it's just a fungal infection?

From this one event does it sound like I could have picked up herpes or something else? I am continuing to treat it like jock itch and going to get tested for everything here soon.

Thanks for your help!
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To have these symptoms without lesions suggests something other than hsv. I would visit a dermatologist.  
Is it possible to miss them? Like not see them or feel them? I've looked up and down and don't see any fluid filled lesions or ulcers. I have fordyce bumps and maybe a little inflammation at the urethral opening, but not painful lesions.

Could it be the fungal infection? I have not put the lotrimin on the penis/glans/urethral opening. Should I?
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