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Symptoms of herpes?

Hi there, I've been noticing some odd symptoms and I'm concerned it could be genital herpes (for concerned read "terrified").

Approximately a week ago a small (approximately 2mm in diameter) red mark appeared on my penis on the outside of my foreskin. There is no substance to it, it looks glossy and almost as if drawn on. It looked like it sort of scabbed over after several days, I picked it at and the skin on top and what looked like scab tissue came off, revealing just more glossy red skin. This stayed as is for another few days, and then what looked like a small black dot appeared (it looked almost like a splinter), after a shower last night this next layer of skin was picked off (I know, bad habit) and again just glossy red skin. It does seem to be slowly healing but I'm not helping it I don't think.

I am also experiencing the need to pee quite a lot of the time, and when I go not much happens. This has only set in today (so after nearly a week of the red mark being there).

I am basing this herpes hypothesis on the basis that a year ago near enough I received unprotected oral sex from a random. About a week later I came down with what seemed like a proper burst of influenza, lasting one week. I did not however have any symptoms downstairs, and never have until this seemingly harmless red dot.

I've already booked an appointment with my local sexual health clinic to get all manner of tests - However I am spending my time convincing myself this is herpes and I need some real information to go on, not just my own vague googling.

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if you had contracted herpes a year ago through oral sex, odds are you would've had obvious symptoms.  

you need to go and be seen for the frequent urination issue for starters. since you've picked at all the rashes, too late for lesion cultures of symptoms.  

when was the last time you had actual sex?

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Hi, thanks for your reply, and yep go me and my utterly stupid picking and scratching. As I said I'll be seeing a medical professional soon (Thursday) and getting every test they are willing to give me, although is there one specific thing I should be asking for to confirm or deny herpes for good?

Actual sex would be protected intercourse two days ago, prior to that, hmmmm... January or February perhaps which was mostly protected (never climaxing unprotected).

I know I probably should've had obvious symptoms but I'm just piecing bits and pieces I find online and making myself worry to death.

I have no other symptoms that I can't reasonably attribute to other things, it's just my mind is set on convincing me my life is over because I've contracted herpes. I'm usually so scientific as well. Yuck.
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go see your doctor
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I've booked the soonest appointment available to me, as I've mentioned twice already.

Interestingly the urination thing has kind of vanished on its own. I am not sure whether it was purely psychological now, as soon as I started trying to get some work done I didn't notice it and now it doesn't seem to be bothering me.
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the more time you spend online reading trying to figure it out , the more things you will convince yourself that it has to be. My recommendation is turn off the computer for the next 2 days and do yard work, spruce up the house, take walks, throw a dinner party for friends - anything to keep  your mind off of things.  Once you've actually been seen and had some basic testing done, you should have better ideas of what this may or may not be.

whether you ejaculate or not has absolutely nothing to do with std risk. unprotected sex is unprotected sex and leaves you at risk for std's. you should always use a condom for oral and anal/genital sex unless you know your partner and their status. Since you've been having unprotected sex, you need the whole shebang of testing - chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hiv and herpes.  It's been enough time from your unprotected sex for that testing. Since these lesions aren't likely to be from your latest sex act 2 days ago and that was protected, you are covering your bases from previously.

let us know how your appointment goes and if you need stuff to keep you busy, I have several rooms that need painted, housekeeping chores galore, yardwork and 2 very mischievous dogs that need walking :)

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You're completely right, I am my own worst enemy here. I also work online though, so I have a hard time not indulging my need to read up on things I don't have.

I fully intended to have every possible test, I want to draw a line under this experience and make a change and if I'm lucky enough to get an all clear then I'll be doing my damnedest to keep it that way. If not, well, I'll have to deal with that if it comes to that. Oh one point, you say lesions plural, this is just one red dot - er - lesion.

You've been absolutely awesome however and as much as I'd love to come help out I think we might have the Atlantic Ocean between us! I'll just have to spend my spare time cleaning (god knows that living room could use a dusting).
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nothing like an opportunity to get mad at the airlines to keep your  mind off of your neither regions....he he he   what's a few spots in your nether regions compared to baggage fees and long security lines?

make yourself avoid looking at anything online that isn't work related. when you feel the need to click on something non-work, make it be the news online.

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I've had a sudden and worrying thought. If I received herpes via oral sex that would mean I had HSV-1 downstairs right?

Surely a test revealing HSV-1 would neither confirm nor deny the existence of downstairs symptoms since it is possible I've had HSV-1 upstairs for years (although I don't ever remember getting a cold sore, but I know they're not indicative).

My question is - if I were positive for HSV-1 but had no symptoms anywhere, how could I be sure I only had it upstairs?
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you have no reason to suspect that you would have hsv1 genitally based on what you've posted so far. The majority of folks who have hsv1 orally, don't get obvious cold sores to know it.

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Thanks for that Grace. I'm going to close the browser and try and ignore this now.

And my apologies for moaning about my lack of symptoms and paranoia when there are people who actually do suffer here, I feel a tad selfish to be panicking over what is essentially nothing.
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no apologies needed - most of what you are going through is COMPLETELY NORMAL I assure you. just sometimes with the ease of the internet at our finger tips, it's easy to let our anxiety get the best of us.  

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Well. The doctor did well in allaying my fear of herpes. She seemed to go with the idea that what I had wasn't herpes and that if I ever did experience anything like it again my best bet was to go to the walk in clinic on the day and get an immediate test of what was down there before it heals (which this seems to have done very quickly).

So, I don't fear herpes. I feel good.

However, and this is a major however, because of the nature of the sexual encounter which I believe was the problem they thought it an idea I receive a hep B vaccine, and that I had an important chat with someone about the HIV test I was getting. The chat turned out to be a sort of "well you may as well be HIV positive so let's just chat, if nothing comes of it forget this happened" (although she wasn't that harsh). I got told that while oral sex is relatively low risk for HIV transmission (relatively being the operative word), having it with a gay man is relatively high risk. So I got this great speech about how the drugs are better now, and how I won't suddenly have full blown AIDS and I should get a support network... I only just had the damn test, I'm not ready to be hearing these things. :(

Anyway my problems now don't really fit on a herpes board, so I think I'll just wait for my follow up appointment and see what happens. Thank you for your patience and support, it's been very helpful over the last few days.
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