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I had an escort perform oral sex on me with a condom along then pentration on Sept 25.  However, when i was finished i noticed that the condom was only 3/4 of the way on...didn't think much of, got in the shower and washed really well.  Two days later I noticed a sore on my shaft approx where the condom may have not been protected....sore went away within a week....

It has now been 10 weeks, and I've had an on and off cystic acne around my mouth within the last few weeks, deep red painful burning around lips, chin and corners of skin...however, no gential outbreaks or anything else.  Also, no lesion type blisters, just small puss filled zits that are extremely painful, sore and red irration (nose, and especially lower mouth, and chin).

Questions are:

A) is it possible this acne* (or whatever it is) could be herpes, even though it just started showing up in the last few weeks and I did not kiss her....can HSV-2 develop on my face as a result of genitial intercourse?

B) I was put on Amoxicillin for strep two weeks ago and this for some reason seemed to help clear up my face....does this mean that it cannot be herpes- but rather bacterial?  now it's coming back though.

C) My stress and anxiety from potential exposure, and new job has been keeping my up at night for weeks etc, could this cystic breakout be caused by extreme stress?

Anyone with knowledge of this  topic please do respond with any insight, as I truly appreciate and guidance on this situation.  I am getting an HIV & HSV-2 done in a few weeks at the 3mo mark....but would like some insight.

Thanks & Best Regards.

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One last thing.....

I've had severe dizziness and altered taste since possible exposure about 2 1/2 months ago, which have not gone away.  Are these symptoms of Herpes?

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you would've had to have performed oral sex on this partner in order to get hsv2 on the face. It won't travel through the body.

no, altered taste and dizziness are not signs of genital herpes.

A dermatologist is a good idea for the acne issues. see a neurologist about your other issues. follow up with testing for peace of mind at the proper times so you can move on from this encounter.

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Thanks Grace,,,she pecked me on the neck....could this have transmitted anything?  I would assume not....

Thanks again for you reply and time.  All the Best.

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not a risk.
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