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Test Results ~ Questions.

Today, I received my herpes test results via mail, this is my 2nd post but I just had some questions about what the test result papers said.

The blood test was titled "Herpes Simplex, PCR Serum"

My results were: HSV 1 DNA: Not Detected
                         HSV 2 DNA: Not Detected

1) Does the "Not Detected" mean, I'm negative for both since Herpes either HSV 1 and 2?
2) Does this mean that I could NOT possibly spread the virus to my partner, who did recently have an outbreak?

In my first post I mentioned that my partner is blaming me for his herpes outbreak, and I took the blood test to see if I could have possibly had the virus and without knowing spread it to him. However, my results appear to have come back negative or "Not Detected" - So I'm just lookin how to approach this situation, with actual facts to confront him. Since he is blaming me, and I just want to be sure that with the test results I recevied above I can be 100% that I was NOT the cause of spreading the herpes virus to him, and that potentially he already previously had this virus without knowing.

I would appreciated any help.

Thank You!

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