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Test Results Strange (Recent Diagnosis and Herpes ???s)

Hi. I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2. I've joined the club. Here is the oddest thing about the situation:
1). I have had 3 completely herpes-free STD tests (all negative) in the past 5 years and just recently slept with a new partner and was diagnosed with HSV-2. So, naturally, I'd assume he gave it to me. The weird thing is...his test came back NEGATIVE (he did have REACTIVE results to Syphillus--which the Dr. ruled out as negative after follow up...and he also tested positive for HSV-1).
2). I have slept with NO other people in the past 5 years, during which time, as aforementioned, my tests showed NO ANTIBODIES for HSV-2. Clearly, I assume my new guy gave it to me...but why is his test coming back NEGATIVE?

Shortly after sex with him I:
1). Thought I had a yeast infection (SEVERE burning and itching and...after a month, saw one small, pencil-point size ulceration right near my vagina. It never scabbed. It never broke).
2). My gynocologist didn't even want to test me for herpes...she just said I didn't have the typical symptoms (I didn't see her when I had that tiny little ulceration...it was too late).
3). I have tested negative for ALL STD's besides this...and negative for bacterial vaginosis, and abnormal pap, and also yeast. ALL NEGATIVE.
4). Why am I testing HSV-2 positive...when my guy is negative and my signs (while characteristic of herpes...aren't all that typical).
Mind you...the burning was excrutiating. Even a month later...I still burn. WILL IT EVER END???
Any insight would be so helpful.
Thanks to all of you dealing with this.
I am fortunate that my guy is being amazing (he, by all counts really does believe he is negative). could this be a false positive? PLEASE provide some help to a new HSV-2 diagnosee:(
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You need to post what kind of test you had done as well as your results. Someone can interpret them and go from there.
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did you have a blood test come back positive for hsv2 or a lesion culture?

also are you sure you were tested for herpes in the past ? it's typically not a part of routine std testing so if you aren't sure, ask. if your provider didn't want to test you for herpes now, odds are they didn't test you for herpes earlier ( if this is a regular provider for you ).

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yes. i was tested for all stds. i've done a few reality shows and std screening INCLUDING herpes is mandatory. i also asked for a herpes test last year after making out with a really promiscuous guy (no sex no oral with him either). I am a bit overly conscious of being careful with my health because I have an autoimmune disease and a weakened immune system.

I have not received this test back yet...my dr just called to tell me I have genital herpes. It was a blood test and she did say I have genital herpes. This is a NEW doctor (I switched doctors a few months back when my regular gyno was out of town and I needed to be seen urgently for a UTI).

I have read on this forum that IGG are more accurate than IGM (my man got an IGG test). I am uncertain at this point what type of test she ran on me...but I would ASSUME it would be IGG...she is a very well respected doctor. Could she really ignorantly have run the IGM? Don't most companies do IGG now??? I do have HSV-1 for sure but am asymptomatic.

All this being said, I recently began getting lasar hair removal and one day I didn't see the nurse properly clean the wand in front of me. I know that getting herpes from an inanimate object is nearly impossible but there are NO studies that can definitively say it's impossible. Please note, MOST of my burning and yeast symptoms happened shortly after I had sex with my new partner...but as I said, he tested NEGATIVE for HSV-2 but POSTIVE for HSV-1. I saw the results and also, I trust him implicitly.

So, my only guess would be...if I did have an IGG, that I got this through lasar hair removal. As aforementioned, I have NOT had sex with ANYONE for 5 years (during which time all STD tests which INCLUDED herpes were negative). Could my guy's test have been falsely negative??? His antibodies on the IGG were .12 (which registers as NEGATIVE on the IGG).
I am so perplexed at how I could have just spontaneously gotten this, but if I did get it from a lasar wand, I guess I need to pursue legal action (but how can that be proven???) Grr. Thank you for responding....this forum is exceptional for people who have herpes....or were newly diagnosed. Everyone is so nice and supportive!
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no you won't get herpes from the laser wand.

since it was a blood test, call the clinic and ask them to read the results to you. write them down and post them here and I can help you see if you need additional confirmatory testing done or not - e.g. hsv1 igg 6.9 and hsv2 igg 2.2 or whatever they are is all you need to post.

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I called them and they said they mailed the results but that they'd have someone call me back with the info. Nobody called. Lovely. I should have them by tomorrow.
Also, out of curiosity...would herpes create dryness and burning for months? I've been burning down there for months now after sleeping with my new boyfriend. Again, he is NEGATIVE for herpes...but this burning just seems constant...as does dryness. This is not yeast or BV or any other STD (as confirmed through testing). Initially, my gyno refused giving me herpes (as aforementioned) stating my symptoms and visually did NOT show any evidence of herpes...but I insisted since I've never been this burny and dry for such a long period of time. She thought perhaps I had developed allergies? I am going to start implementing changes to my laundry routine, but if it is herpes, I guess there's no point.
Also, I just went off my birth control pills in the hopes that that could have been the vaginal problems I had...still...no change in burning.
Sorry for all the questions. I'm new to this virus and am trying to learn everything.

I'll stop all my speculative questions until I found out which herpes test I received...because honestly, I am not sure how I could be positive for it if my current partner does not have it. Grace, have you ever seen a situation like mine? Perhaps I will hold off worrying about this until AFTER I give you the results from my test. I just think this whole thing seems SO ODD. How can I have tested negative on herpes tests for years...and then suddenly come up positive after sleeping with a partner who is negative?
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no, herpes won't cause dryness and burning for months.
when you were seen, did they also test you for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally too?
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