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Test reliability??

It appears to me that the standard test ELISA given for herpes type 1 and 2
give many false or misleading results, false negatives or false positives, equivocal?? If so many problems exist with this test why are they still used. I understand the western blot test are far more accurate and give you
a positive or negative result. It seems it is very difficult to obtain this test and labs are confused when asked for this test. The depression caused by this disease can be quite overwhelming and destroy marriages and families.
I also find most Dr. quite insensitive or annoyed when results are questioned.
Was the test given before ELISA also believed infallible until no longer trusted
I would appreciate any feed back.
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they are accurate for the vast majority of folks who get them done. the boards are unfairly unbalanced to make them look like they aren't very useful because typically only folks who doubt their results are going to come post about them.  make sense?

if your provider uses quest labs, typically the herpes WB is test #34534. If the local quest lab is having problems finding that particular test, ask them to check their send out tests because it gets sent to the U of washington. Every quest lab can do the wb whether they know it or not!

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