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Test reliability

Hi I recently had some hsv tests done and I was wondering if I could let my mind rest yet.

I had some weird bumps on my pubic area and got a swab and blood test done at the same time. Both came back negative. It's been 7 weeks since then and I just got another blood test because my doctor told me to wait at least 4-6 weeks. That test also came back negative. Do you think 7 weeks is a good indication of whether I have it or not?
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Yes great indication, p to about 80% of infected people have turned positive at this point.

I know it will be a wait, but given it seemed the sores were of sufficient concern for a doctor to swab for herpes, then a 12 week test to confirm the negative is required (assuming you do not have HSV1).

You're well on your way with negative swabs and negative antibodies to this point.
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Hey, I hate to hijack a post, but I am curious, why you state that a 12 week test for HSV2 might be impacted by a previous HSV1 infection? I assume that it would push the effectiveness date back? If so, why?
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I do not believe it is proven, but by observation the bulk of the extremely small number of people who test positive from 12-16 weeks have HSV1. The theory is the effectiveness of the HSV1 antibodies slows the learning process for the development of a HSV2 response.
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