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Test results

Originally in September I had a primary out break. I had a swab test that tested positive for Hsv 1.
I tested negative on IGM and igg tests for hsv 1/2 as well.

In the beginning of February I went back to my doctor and re-tested. My results were as follows:

Hsv1 - 2.06
Hsv2 - 0.07

Hsv1 - 1.8
Hsv2 - 1.4
I went to my doctor and my results

Since September - I had no new sexual partners nor had been sexually active.

I have only had one reoccurance that happened in October.

My question is that my doctor wants me to come back and re-test in 3 months again bc she thinks I have been exposed to hsv 2 or that j also have this.

I know for sure I have hav1 because of the original culture and outbreak - is it necessary to follow up another test in 3 months? Am I really at risk for hsv2 even though I don't have clinical symptoms?
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Some of the veteran posters on this site have said that it is exceptionally rare to have both hsv1 and hsv2 genitally.

The IGM test is known to react with other herpes infections so it very well may be cross reacting with the HSV1 infection.

How long after your initial encounter in September did first outbreak occur?

How long after that initial encounter did you wait to get your IGM test drawn?
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First encounter/outbreak began 9/23 I got blood tests and culture 9/29
Original blood tests came back negative for both IGM/igg

On 10/26 I had a brief reoccurance.

2/1 I got blood tests done again.
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Sorry for the extra follow up questions but did your first outbreak of blisters occur on 9/23 or was that the date that you had sex?

Typically the IgM which isn't recommended much because of false positives will pick up the IgM antibodies 9-10 days after exposure.

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Sex with partner occurred from 9/3-9/21

He didn't know he had hsv1

First outbreak happened on 9/23

3 days after intercourse during a whole month period
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Hmm okay. Well we know you have HSV1 I just found it interesting that the initial IgM said negative I know it's prone to false positives but I thought false negatives in the 10 day time frame were more rare.

I don't think you have HSV2 genitally as multiple experts have said it's very rare for that to occur plus having HSV1 is said to make it more difficult to contract HSV2.

The other reason I would take the IgM test results with a grain of salt is because if you already have any strain of HSV (chicken pox, mono, shingles) the test is known to cross react and give false positives.

It might be good to have one of the experts chime in here because I've never heard of a type specific IGM test which it looks like yours was so I'm curious about that but I still think you're pretty safe from an HSV-2 perspective.

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Expert?!? Chime in please?
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IgM are antibodies that are made sporadically by the body. Sometimes the body doesn't produced them at all. Together with false positives being at a very high rate means that it is pretty useless. You can't interpret a positive or negative to mean anything!

You have genital HSV1 only.
Thank you fleet wood!!!
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