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I’ve asked this before but I can’t seem to understand something. Ok do my swab was positive for gential herpes. I had a blister. I’ve had a sore mouth for over 6 months and no doctor can figure it out. It feels like paper curs and burning. Is there anyway I have oral herpes in the mouth and not gential?
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If you had a positive swab from the genitals, you have genital herpes. The swab test takes a sample from genital sores, so what you have is genital.

Could you also have an oral infection? Yes. However, oral and/or genital herpes doesn't cause continuous symptoms for 6 months.

Perhaps it's an allergy. It could be your toothpaste, mouthwash, a food, a beverage, smoking, etc. If you are using a mouthwash, stop using that first for like a week or so, see if there is any improvement. If not, try changing toothpastes. Continue that and see if you can figure it out, and schedule an appointment with a dentist. They can often figure out things of the mouth when doctors can't.

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Hi thanks but I’ve been to dentist twice and oral surgern and they can’t seem to find a answer. One days it’s lack of sleep and also the dentist called dry mouth buts it’s not not. It’s hopeless. I guess I will live with it but it’s a terrible feeling everyday.
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