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Tested 3 times with different results?

The first test says hsv type 1 (hsv-1& 2 ) IGG (qualitative)....this came back positive 1.1 -------- is this a good test? A combination igg test?

At the same hospital I retested to see a type specific test......the test says hsv type 1 IGM negative 0.1 and hsv 2 negative 0.2

The same day I took the first test I went to another hospital and took another. They say the test was type specific however now that I'm reading it properly with new eyes...the test says hsv 2 IGM non reactive. And hsv 1 & 2 IGG non reactive.

Which test should I bother with? Also I got back my rash on my arm last night please find attached the first 2 links of when I first noticed the rash last night and the last 2 from what it looks like this morning.



The last 2 links



Is it possible that I can have Dr. Handsfield comment on my post as well
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1. Stop opening new threads.  It makes it hard to discern people who have had some form of help before (like you) from people who haven't.  Just keep adding to your first post.  

2.  Related to your question, I would say that none of your results are valid unless you have waited at least 3 months from your last possible exposure to have them drawn.  And the IgMs don't count ever.  So, you can eliminate those altogether.

If it has been that long (minimum 12 weeks), it looks like you're almost certainly negative for both types.
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Thanks for contacting me - I'll try to help.

Remind us how long ago you had these blood tests done?

I'm afraid it's not possible (or responsible) to diagnose you from photos on a forum. The very next time you have fresh blisters, get them swabbed for a PCR DNA test, within 48 hours of their presenting, to avoid risking a false negative. I'm afraid it's probably now too late to do this, this time around.

Your rash could be symptoms of herpes, but they could also be other things - bug bites, allergies, etc. A lot of things look like herpes.

Finally, you're posting on the wrong forum to get Dr. Handsfield's input. I believe he's on one of the expert forums. You could do a search to find it.
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