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Tested HSV1 positive, is it oral or genital

Hi.  I have read so much on here and I really appreciate all the answers and details.

I have just not felt well for about 6 weeks.  My penis had some oblong sores under the glans and very red tip and balls.  along with an almost tingly elextric sensation in my thighs and buttocks.  I also have had a burning feeling in my mouth and on my tongue.  Lastly dark red pin size dots that feel pin pricky on my chest.  

I have seen a genera Dr. At week 1 Who thought it could be fungal and glossitis gave me diflucan, and also a shot of ceftraxone.  

This did nothing, maybe it temporarily helped the mouth but it feels worse now.  

Saw a dermatologist on week 3/4 who thought maybe scabies.  Used permerthern 5% a week apart.  And a steroid cream for the "irritation" on my penis.

However the pain seems to have increased in my penis now at week 6.   I have to take benadryl to help relieve the itchy and burning in my penis and thighs.  Penis still is red as all hell.  

Went and got a full std panel and all were negative except HSV1.  Not sure where I caught HSV1 but I used to have really itchy dry skin on my balls not sure if those were really mild symptoms?

Wondering if the steroids and and other medicne has stirred up an old infection.  I also had eye surgery at week 2.  Took a lot of steroid drops.  

Can anyone explain why I would sudeenly get these symptoms and whether they are from the HSV1 possibly on my genitals?  I have never had a cold sore to my knowledge.  
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Oh my igg for HSV1 was 4.5
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I don't think there's any way to know the site of your hsv1 infection from the blood test. I'm sure there's a good chance you have asymptotic oral infection and your genital symptoms could be something else. You should get any sore swabbed and see if those come back positive.
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First of all try to keep evade all medication. Clean your system by eating fruits and vegetables. Stop eating meat for one week or more if you can. The virus gets stronger when it obtains a specific protein to replicate. Do not apply any topical cream even if it itches. Every symptom you are having will become better with time. Your body is reacting to the virus and it is building a defense. This is a matter of time. Do not get desperate. Drink lots of water to flush any intoxication as fast as you can. Hope you feel better.
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