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Tested negative for HSV2 over a year ago should I retest?

Tested negative for HSV2 over a year ago after a one night stand. Condom broke during sex. Talked to my doctor who suggested to wait 8weeks post exposure and do a complete STI panel exam. All results came back negative except HSV1. It’s been over a year with no HSV 2 symptoms. I recently came across an article suggesting I should have waited 12 -16 weeks to determine my HSV 2 status.  My doctor says my risk was low, I’m fine but it has me a little concerned. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 months now and havent had any new partners between the one night stand and current relationship. My current partner has shown no signs of infection either. Should retest or move on with my life? Thanks
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By 6 weeks, 70% will test positive for hsv2. Given that your encounter was largely protected, you haven't had any symptoms, your current partner hasn't either, I wouldn't worry at all.

Getting hsv2 from a one time encounter is pretty unlikely. Given that there is a decent chance of getting a false positive if you retest, and unwinding that mess can take literal months, I'd say you're fine to move on from this without worry. If it were me, that's what I'd do. :)
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