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Tested positive for HSV2, what does the number mean?

I had some issues recently after having unprotected sex that sent me to my doctor and to get STD tested.  My doctor said I did not visually appear to have an STD, although I did have a bacterial intection which she treated me for.  She also gave me an order for STD testing.  I received my lab results and I tested positive for HSV2.  After some serious freaking out and mad searching on the internet, I returned to my doctor to discuss 'what now' and to find out why the infection was not clearing.  My symptoms were a clear discharge, burning/tingling, several tiny white bumps and what I thought was a possible yeast and bladder infection at the same time.  My doctor and I had thought it may be HPV before I was tested, because of the tiny white bumps.  She was as shocked with the results as I was.  We talked about how I'd been STD specific tested last year and had not been sexually active for several months before and after being tested.  It was all negative.  She said it would seem that it would have been transmitted to me recently then.  I had the (Elisa) testing and I asked her what the likelihood was that I could retest and be negative.  She said it was not likely because the testing is so specific now.  She also mentioned that my number was very low.

HSV 2 Glycoprotein G = 1.23

Does this number mean anything?  Can you help me understand this number better?  I've looked everywhere and the sites I found any information on were vague.  Some suggest it could mean a recent transmission due to the low number.  Others suggest it does not mean anything.  My doctor was great and really talked with me about my options and gave me a lot of information, other than this, that are helping me adjust to this knowledge.  She prescribed Valtrex which I am taking daily now.

Thank you!          
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Quite interesting.  If I may ask how long is several months before your STD test last year?  Did it include herpes igg test?  It is not typically done by default.  But it sounds like your provider did do a check.

Since you have the results it is best someone like Grace looks at it and gives you an idea.  I am not smart enough for that.  But the questions will help her out too.
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Thank you for your reply.

I have a correction in my information also.  My doctor (Gyn) had told me I had no visible signs of herpes during my initial visit with her; not STD's overall since she and I both thought I may have HPV due to the little white bumps.  During my second visit with her, she said she was as surprised as I was at my being positive for HSV2 because I did not have the typical signs of an outbreak such as blisters, red sores, or broken skin.  I had the more subtle signs which are those I mentioned previously and swollen glands.  I know my body and I knew something wasn't right.

I had tested through my primary care doctor in Aug 2009.  I had not been sexually active since the end of April and not again until the beginning of Dec.  I recall my doctor asking me if I'd like to be STD tested since we were doing some other yearly tests as well.  She'd asked me if I wanted to include testing for all STD's and I'd told her, "Everything, since we're testing".  It was all negative.  I don't know exactly what test was done at that time, although I do know that the labs were sent out.  I returned to see her three weeks later and that's when we went over the results.

I had been a regular blood donor in addition to being tested once a year during annual doctor visits.  Nothing had ever come back positive until last week.  I began having symptoms about 4 weeks ago.

My doctor has prescribed Valtrex and I've already started taking it daily.  

The only thing I can't wrap my head around yet is the number being so low and what it means.  I'm dealing with it, but this will help me settle down a bit more in the adjusting to it.

Thanks for your help.  
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Ok, so you were sexually active in Dec 2009 after your FIRST testing in Aug 2009? The Aug 2009 testing was negative and you were tested a few weeks ago I am assuming and it is positive? Correct?
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Yes, I received my lab results last week, HSV 2 Glycoprotein G = 1.23, (ELISA).  I'd been tested at least yearly for several years and it was always negative.  

I was not sexually active for a period of about 8 months, in which I was tested almost right in the middle of that time span.  I believe I was tested for everything and it all came back negative.  I remember going over those results with my doctor.

I just checked the westoverheights site and it states if your body is producing antibodies then it probably isn't a recent transmission.  I was negative in Aug 2009.  Sexually active in Dec 2009.  Began having symptoms in Jan 2010.  Went to my doctor Feb 2010.  HSV2 positive Feb 2010.

Sounds like my obituary, huh?  Kidding...

Thanks for your input.
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Well I can't speak for the number.  This is something someone with training would be better at then I.

I can say that you should talk to your doc that did the testing in Aug 2009 to have them give you a copy of the results and tell you what you were tested for and what test if any was given for your Herpes.  Some docotors only test using igm which we know is a useless test.  

Typically testing is accurate at 3-4 months.  But testing done between 2-4 weeks will show I believe its 50% of new infections and by 6 weeks will show at least 70% of all infections.  Recent is a vague word.  Yes, if you have antibodies present its been a little while.  However, I believe what you maybe told that you might want to get a Western Blot to confirm.  Please don't take my word and allow someone with the training in the test (IE: Grace) to tell you that.  Shes trained I am not.
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Well, it is possible too that it might be a false positive, since your doctor does not think what was going on to be herpes. I was sexually active as well in dec 09 but showed symptoms, in my mouth at least, the same month around christmas and again at the end of January and begining of February. I was tested a week ago and my results came back negative and yet I still have something going on inside my mouth so everyone is different with getting their results. Might have to wait a few more weeks to get tested again, which is my plan too to make sure it is not herpes lol.
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