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Tested positive for both HSV-1 & 2 but no symptoms of HSV-2?

So I recently gotten broken up with after warning my partner that I had a cold sore so he wouldn’t kiss me and accused me of giving it to him ( I hadn’t disclosed I had oral herpes prior to our relationship being unaware that it was some “scary” illness known as herpes.) Overall, I paid for his testing and got my blood drawn at LabCorp with an order from my ObGyn to confirm what I had was oral herpes (I was expecting a positive result after doing research). However much to my surprise I tested positive for HSV-2. I got an Igg of 16.20 for HSV-1 ( I’m experiencing an active outbreak so i don’t know if that number is ok) and an IGg of 2.29 but my first and only ex-partner had been negative for both prior to us having unprotected sexual intercourse. While I accept a lot of blame for having HSV-1 and being casual about it, I’m in shock and cannot grasp being positive for Genital herpes if my only boyfriend was also negative before we met. So I’m curious to see if anyone recommends waiting for my cold sore to fully heal before I get a Western Blot test in the case that whatever kind of test I had was low false positive and my HSV-1 antibodies messed up my results for HSV-2. I’ve been anxious that I am truly positive and scared that I potentially passed it on to him unknowingly. But as I stated I was a virgin prior to him and did not cheat so it only makes since he was either lying  or that I got a false positive.
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Yes, they should test you since you have a positive test that you need to confirm. Who is doing your test? I don't think 2 weeks will make a big difference, but ask the people doing the test.

We don't have transmission stats on hsv1 like we do hsv2. We know that about half the population has hsv1, and that the hsv1 IgG misses about 30% of infections, so a negative test is not conclusive.

We know shedding information, though.

HSV 2 genital 15-30% (55-110) of days evaluated

HSV 1 genital 3-5% (10-18) of days evaluated
HSV 1 oral 25% (91) of days evaluated

HSV 2 oral 1% (~4) of days evaluated

That means days when the virus is present on your lips/mouth when you have no symptoms.

There's nothing you can do now. He may have it and have gotten a false negative, or you may not have transmitted it. If you did, you should know that ghsv1 rarely sheds, recurs infrequently (if ever - some only get one outbreak ever), so he won't ever transmit it to anyone else, and probably won't be all that bothered by it.

So don't panic. We do the best we can with what we know, right? Now you know. :)

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Also will they not test me if I tell them I had no “real” exposure? I want to be confirmed as soon as I can bc my ex is getting tested on the 21st so I want to be able to back myself up. I trust him and his fidelity so there’s no possible way he could’ve been true negative and infected me.
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Wow you are nice to pay for your ex's testing. He's going to be very surprised when he realizes how many people have hsv1, and most don't know it.

Anyway, your result does indicate that you definitely do have hsv1 - not a surprise.

As you know, you need to get your 2.29 confirmed. You do not need to wait until your cold sore heals to get the WB done. CDC guidelines state that anything under a 3.5 needs to be confirmed as it could be a false positive. Even some results over a 3.5 could be a false positive in the absence of symptoms.

Given your low risk, I'd have to imagine this is a false positive.

The Western Blot test looks for a different thing than the IgG does, so you can take it anytime, so long as it's been 12 weeks since your last possible exposure.

I know this is scary, but logic says this is a false positive, so hang in there. We'll get you through this.
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I don’t believe I had any exposure because he was negative before we engaged in any sexual intercourse( so only I would be positive realistically), but is that still a reason to wait to get tested again? I set up another appointment for the 21st of September to have my requisition form filled for the Western Blot but I want to know if I should cancel it and wait 2 more weeks. Also do you have any knowledge on the transmission rates of HSV-1? I’ve been worried sick that if anything it’s a chance he could’ve caught it. I wasn’t on antivirals and we have already had oral sex.
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