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Hi I had an exposure a week back.
So my question is if someone gets infected with hsv, and gets symptoms after 3-4 days like pain in left leg calf’s ( constant).
Will he test positive for hsv test ? If the symptoms are due to hsv ?
I started having this constant pain in my left calf  3 days after my exposure.

Anyone has experienced the same ?
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Hi thats not any std symptom including HSV but would appear a strained muscle from the act itself and no std shows symptoms 3 days but maybe in 4 but would not be very noticible with things like Gono or chlamydia. but you can test in 3 months is your concerned.
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I have developed one single raised pimple like red leasion on my chest, it also appeared after 3-4 days. It is having a little white pus inside it.
Could it be a std ?
Could hsv,syphilis appear on chest ?
Actually now the pus inside looks yellow in colour.... and I had another exposure 30days ago. So 1exposure 30days ago and 1 6days ago.both protected vaginal and unprotected oral.
So this could be hsv2? Or syphilis ?
This is not an std!! You are way overthinking this. It's a pimple. The chest is a common spot for them. Move on
Hi Feeling,

My exposure was genital rubbing followed by protected sex and unprotected oral.

I got 5-7 itchy red dots near my genital area yesterday but they were gone today.
does it seems like hsv2 ?
The symptoms does not come and go so quickly right ?
And its now 12days from my exposure except from pain in calf's no other symptoms are present now.
Is it a good sign ? I will go for testing but just asking.
Hi please can anyone reply or share their thoughts?
The tiny red dots that I got are not clustered but they were itchy I can still see them but they are very light now.
Also my whole hands itch and becomes reddish sometimes during day.
Can anyone please answer? The pain in legs is still there since 4 days after exposure. Please reply anyone?
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Hi Feeling/Dave,
It's 11 days from my exposure, ( the csw rubbed her genitals on mine before putting on condom).
So today I got 5 small red dots in my inner thigh near my genital area. They seem to itch a little.
I just have these tingling sensations in my legs since 3-4 days after exposure.

So is it hsv2 or something else ? I will test soon once I get to my home country that is jan first week.
but if anyone has experienced this and could help it would be nice.

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