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I regard Medhelp generally as an excellent site. I currently have some concerns with HSV risk/symptoms etc, but the information online is so contradictory. It also seems to be that attitudes in the medical community towards HSV in the U.K varies from the U.S attitude. I'm afraid my confusion will be increased seeking help on this site.

I am interested to know why tests for HSV antibodies are so regularly recommended or suggested.

If 80-90% of the adult population have it, what point does it serve in finding out you are one of them??

If you can spread it without symptoms, what are you meant to do, never kiss anyone again??? Unless you are getting obvious outbreaks, which most don't, an antibody test doesn't tell you where on your body you contracted it.

It all doesn't really make sense to me.!!??  :-$
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the rates of hsv1 infection the UK are similar to the rates in the US - you don't hit the 80-90% rates of infection until you are at retirement age.  Hsv2 infection rates in the UK are low in general but the rates of hsv1 genital infection are soaring in the UK as they are in the US also.

common sense approaches do go a long way in reducing transmission of hsv1. Knowing a partners status is important. If a partner is hsv1 negative, decide together if it's worthwhile having protected oral sex or not. Certainly avoid kissing when you have obvious cold sores or are otherwise sick since hsv1 can be shedding when your body is worn down ( plus you don't want to give your partner whatever you are sick with anyways ). Not kissing infants and small children on the face is also a good idea. Pretty much common sense precautions and they really do work.

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