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Thoughts appreciated!

I just want advice on handle my situation, and how to explain to future partners. I was diagnosed with genital herpes Sept of 2010, through a positive culture (I also was positive for BV). My blood test at the time was negative for both HSV 1 and 2, so my doc said it was my first outbreak. At the time I was in a monogamous relationship and wasn't concerned about knowing specifics, and my ex boyfriend didn't get tested (and I never saw symptoms on him orally or genitally). So I got another blood test done Sept of this year, almost a year to the day of the culture, and it came back negative for both, but the HSV-1 was elevated compared to last year, and the HSV-2 was lower. My doc said that the results, combined with the fact I've never had a recurrence, made it safe to assume that I have HSV-1. Do you agree?

Also, through reading on here, the chances of me passing it on to a future partner is slim, especially using a condom, right? And if they have had cold sores in the past, chances are even lower (maybe nonexistent), since they would have the antibodies. But how do you even attempt to have this conversation with a partner? I know it isn't the end of the world, but am still nervous about having that conversation with someone I am interested in, since public perception sucks. Any suggestions and/or advice is appreciated!
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changes in a negative hsv1 igg is meaningless.

odds are it is hsv1 genitally but because even the best blood tests still miss 1 out of every 10 hsv1 infections.  best you can do at this point is wait until you have a recurrence, be seen and get it cultured and typed.

your provider is doing his patients a disservice by not having cultures typed :(

so how do you handle this with a new partner? Just be honest, you know you have genital herpes and are assuming it's hsv1 but aren't sure yet due to testing error on your providers part. aSk them to get tested to know their own status and go from there.

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It was a herpes select test, so I don't know if that is any different. I'll bring it up to her about typing cultures seeing as it was the campus clinic. Thanks for the reply!
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IF the HSV1 blood tests were negative both times, then the fact that the levels were a little higher the second time shouldn't bother you. It was still a negative result. The numbers on the tests fluctuate anyway from one time to another.

You mentioned you've had no recurrences since the first time you were cultured a year ago. Be sure to get one if that ever happens again.

You might also consider seeking a clinic off campus.
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Well I just saw another post that had similar results as mine, and Grace said that it was a positive HSV-1, so maybe my doctor was wrong. I don't know my exact numbers, but I know HSV-1 was ~6.0 and my HSV was <1.0. I'm going to call Monday and get the exact numbers.

I've been going to the campus clinic due to no insurance, but now I have it, so when/if I have another ob, I will go elsewhere. The lack of recurrence also leads me to believe it's HSV-1.
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*my HSV-2 was <1.0, forgot the 2 :)
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You just posted that your HSV-1 was ~6.0 . Not sure what that is. Did you mean 6.0
If so, that is not a negative result.
I'm a  little confused now.
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Yeah that's confusing, hsv 1 > 5 is a positive! So if it's ~6.0 then you are pos for hsv1. Unless you mean hsv1 ~.06?
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I meant about/around 6.0. I'm almost certain she said it was that high (this was a few months back), but I'm going to do a double check Monday. I think she was just wrong in saying it was negative. Just hope she was right in reading the stupid culture results though!
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yeah i dont understand why the dr would have told you that you are negative at that high of a number! i would have them show you the results in person! and it is troublesome that they did not have the culture typed when it came back positive!
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at this point, best we can do is wait for you to check what your actual results were and go from there.

hang in there - we don't have the best answers for you at this point but hopefully we can help you get better answers soon :)
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