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Throat and upper lip issues.

For the past 2 months or so, I had been working from evening (or afternoon) into quite late in the night (1AM to 4AM) on my computer. Then about a month ago (or more) I had been noticing I felt a bit thirsty almost every of those nights, which I thought was normal, then I later started feeling some sensation inside my throat when I swallow anything (e.g. water) like there's a little swelling inside my throat. When I drank water, the sensation goes, but comes back much later when I feel thirsty or swallowing anything like food.
Later into the weeks after, on a night, I suddenly discovered small pimple-like appearances just at the middle of my upper lip. I told someone medically-inclined about it, and I was told it could be fever rash. But I didn't mention the throat issue as I hadn't thought it was a serious issue, which I later read online could be a sore throat.
Please, what could this be? The throat (swallowing) issue happens more often than before now. It's note-worthy to say that I have been searching about it online too, and today, I came across people saying things about Herpes (which itself I actually learned about today). I'm not trying to be suggestive here please let it be like I didn't mention Herpes. Please help me so I can know the right steps to take in getting fine.
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Few questions first. Is the pimple like bump still on your lip? Has it gotten worse? Your sore throat, is it making eating difficult too?
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Thank you for your prompt response.
I will like to mention that I have been prescribed (by a doctor) some drugs (when I complained about the upper lip), Vitamin B complex with Vitamin C (which I've been taking for the past 5 days), and later (when I finally complained about the throat issue), others mostly antialaria setup with septrin which I've been taking for the past 3 days (because I've had mosquito bites on and off too). Those are the drugs taken so far.
Back then, before taking Vit B complex and Vit C, the pimple-like appearances actually had a bit of a slightly swollen base uppon which they appeared, just at the upper part of the middle of my upper lip. It wasn't large or widespread. The next day or so, they began to burst and turned to the appearance of a non-serious injury (like that of a bruise) in appearance, and pained me like an injury does.
Since yesterday, my upper lip has been healing, as it produces not little liquid similar to that of an injury anymore. It is now sealed up but appears like a healing injury.
As for my sore throat, I hadn't felt nor now feel it at all while eating (like it doesn't exist). But when I normally swallow saliva or doing so deliberately, I have the sensation. It is not a burning sensation at all, just like as if something like a slight ridge is there. When I tilt up my head (above horizontal level) to swallow saliva, I don't kind of feel it, even today, but when my at normal level (i.e. With my eyes looking straight, forward) and when my head is tilted below horizontal (like looking downwards), I sense it when I swallow saliva (always), or water (sometimes). It usually relieved me (like disappeared temporarily) when I drink water.
It should be noted that my neck is not swollen on the outside nor do I feel anything swollen under my neck or lower jaw areas. But when I think the structure causing the sensation is at the junction between (and under) my lower jaw and upper part of my neck. It is not painful, but some how discomforting.
Thank you once again. Please help me.
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Typo correction...
"...others mostly 'antimalaria' setup with septrin...", please not 'antialaria'.
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