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Tijuana strippers- need help


I was peer pressured to go to Tijuana strip clubs this weekend with some friend. I have some questions that I would like an expert to answer so I can be rest assured or go ahead with their following advice. My clothing was a jacket, some old jeans and a boxer.

The following activities have happened and I would like to know if any posses any risk of any std's such as Hep c or herpes or HIV or any that I didn't mention. Its been about 30 hours so I would like to know if I need PREP if any of the following activities below posses a risk for HIV or if it does for any other STD you can think off, please let me know how can I move forward.

- a sweaty stripper forced herself on me for about 10 mins. when she left I felt something liquid in my boxers( not her sweatiness) so I went to the bathroom and saw a dot in the size of my middle finger from the boxer and touches my urthera. Lets say this wasn't my penis discharging some **** from the hard grinding because It wasn't precum, does this posses a risk if assuming, the girl vaginal fluids went through my pants?

- another stripper came later on and had a red patch on her ***. I don't know if this is a beginning of a herpes outbreak or something she already has, I do have cuts in my hand( I'm around animals a lot) that got into contact with the stripper red patch a lot as she was ( all of them) were grinding hard on me. does this posses a risk for something such as hep c or  hand herpes( I don't know the medical term)- someone in my high school had it or another form of std/sti

- 15 mins later, another stripper kept rubbing her bare vagina on my thigh for about 5 mins straight. I felt a lot of  heat from her vagina and she did a lot of friction in that area. that exact spot had some pimples that I usually get, does this also posses a risk for any of the stds since I actually felt her vagina and heat right thru the jeans REALLY WELL like I wasn't wearing a pair of jeans?

- I decided to go for a hand job at the end, the stripper cut the Lube with her mouth, does this posses a risk such as HPV or herpes type 1?

Just to clarify after I broke up with my girlfriend I tested myself for stds and I was negative for everything including herpes type 1, so your thoughtful input would be great so an expert can help me go to the right direction

Thank you!! You're response would either rest me and my family assured or help me get into the right direction, thanks again for your time
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Scenario 1 -

No risk. No STD goes through clothing, and you had your boxers on.

Scenario 2 -

If you had your clothes on, you have no risk of anything genital. If you touched her in the area where she had this red spot, and it was herpes (it doesn't sound like it, but let's assume it was), and you had a cut on your finger, it's possible that you could get herpetic whitlow. This isn't a common condition, and loads of things cause reds spots - shaving, irritation, normal skin fluctuations, clothing, etc.

If you do get whitlow, you won't miss it. It's very painful. This isn't something you'll need to look for.

Scenario 3 -

No risk. Again, STDs can't transmit through clothing.

I don't know what you mean by she "cut the lube with her teeth". Did she open the lube packet with her teeth? If this is the case, then you have no risk for anything.

In order for STDs to transmit, you have to have direct contact with someone's body or penetrative sex - either oral, vaginal, or anal sex. Some STDs transmit through skin-to-skin contact, but it's oral, vaginal or anal to mouth, vaginal or anal. Herpes can be transmitted by rubbing your penis on someone's vagina, for example.

You had none of these things. The only risk you MAY have is for herpetic whitlow, and that's a big maybe. You don't know if her red spot was herpes at all. I wouldn't worry about any of this at all. If you decide to continue these activities, and have cuts on your hands, you might want to consider latex gloves.
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Bump- herpes risk
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