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Timing and Accuracy of igG antibody test

I was possibly exposed to someone with HSV-1 near the end of a common cold.  

Day 1 after possible exposure: stomach cramps and aches.  
Days 2 - 5: general feelings of malaise, mild fever (never higher than 100.5) and some yellowish phlegm in my throat.  
Day 5: sore throat,went to Urgent Care and was diagnosed with strep (without a culure) and given antibiotics.  The sore throat did not respond within the 2-3 days, but subsided after 5 days.
Day 8: Aching and inflamed gums isolated to upper and lower rear quadrants of mouth on right side; two or through lesions in a line on side of tongue
Day 10: had blood drawn for igG test; test came back negative

My question is, if I was actively showing symptoms of a primary infection for many days before the blood test, would the test be accurate?  Would antibodies have developed?

I am confused about this.  The symptoms, while they sort of sound like gingivostomatitis, also could be herpangina, or even a recurrence of herpes zoster (chickenpox).  I had a facial outbreak of very mild shingles last year while under a lot of emotional stress and have been in another phase of a great deal of stress with a compromised immune system due to the cold.
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Thanks for your reply.  I think I will follow up at Urgent Care.  I also see a white blister on the back of my throat around my tonsils.  Based on the (too much) internet reading I have done, I think I convinced myself I have herpes phayrngitis or gingivostomatitis.  But it doesn't match all the symptoms of those and also fits herpangina, which is caused by the coxsackie virus, or even a mouth-borne recurrence of zoster (shingles).  I dunno, I'm freaked out by all of it and although I tested negative, maybe it was too soon after the primary infection for antibodies to be detected, even thought there were what could be full-blown symptoms.
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nothing you've mentioned sounds like herpes at all. sounds more like you had a cold and sore throat and possibly strep.

shingles rarely reoccurs. anytime a provider tries to tell you you have shingles, you need to insist on a culture to confirm it.

No reason to test from this encounter. Statistically 1 out of every 2-3 people you have ever kissed has had hsv1 orally. it's THAT common.  If you normally don't worry after kissing someone, no reason to worry now.

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