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Transmission Rates

So I found this article that quotes Terri Warren as to transmission rates for Herpes, but it doesn't state whether it's for 1, 2 or both. I would think the lower shedding rates for genital HSV 1 would mean lower transmission rates. Am I reading this incorrectly? Re-entering the dating pool and I want to make sure I have the appropriate information to pass along to any potential future partners.

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Yes these are a HSV2 transmission rates. I am not aware of studies into HSV1 transmission.

From the genital area, shedding for HSV1 is 6 times less than HSV2. Further, as so many people have oral HSV1, this significantly reduces transmission rates.
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In your opinion do I disclose to future partners? I really think I need to, despite the very slim possibility they would become infected. I only had the initial OB and that was four months ago. Lots of triggers since then, but no outbreaks.
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It is all up to you. Would you disclose an oral HSV1 infection or expect an oral HSV1 infection to be disclosed to you. The answer to this is as applicable to genital HSV1.
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