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Transmission details/risks

So I have a question and it pertains to the transmission of herpes as well as other STI's.

I am a man who recently received a massage from a man and it went further than I intended.  It included:

1) Kissing (no sores or blisters were present on his mouth)
2) The masseuse touching his genitals and then proceeding to touch mine.
3) Cuddling with his penis brushing my thighs and buttox
4) At one point he kissed the top of my penis and kissed/licked part of the shaft (but did not perform oral sex)

No penetration (such as oral or anal) took place.  I did not visibly see any sores or blisters on his genitals as well.  The three parts of the encounter that made me paranoid were his hand touching my genitals after he touched his own, the very brief kissing/licking of my genitals and shaft, and the contact of his penis brushing my skin.  Do I have risks to worry about?  What kind of exposure (to any STI's) could have taken place?  Thank you for all your help.
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In all reality this was a pretty safe exposure for sure.

1 kissing and you said no sore present. Just about zero risk of hsv1 and no real risk of other std's

2 him touching himself and then you. No risk of any std. Most viruses need to be massaged in. Again no real world risk from this activity. You will read on certain sites that these kind of exposures are posible to transmit hsv hpv...etc. the truth is,there Is no real world evidence to back up those claims. Is it possible to get hit by a meteor?  Sure its possible but never gonna happen.

3 see above. Again no real risk from this exposure either.

4 receptive oral sex is a very low risk exposure. Usually the risk from rec oral is hsv 1, Gonorrhea and NGU. Now your risk of your partner giving the head a kiss and just using the tongue on the shaft is just about zero for all mentioned.

All in all you risk is so low. I wont say zero because I don't have a Crystal ball but its close.

I would not worry any further from this encounter.

Have a great weekend
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Thank you so much for your response!  I appreciate it!
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No problem.
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