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Transmitting to grand children

Hi Grace, I have HSV2, have had it now for abt 5 years, still having trouble coping am 52.
I have beautiful grand children and am very careful with all that I do. Anal with handwashing etc. Recently when visiting my grandchildren I had had a shower, used my face washer and hung it in the direct sunlight of a window to dry. I'm sure it was dry the last time I seen it as it was in the morn. The following morning it disappeared and I found it about 1pm. My two grand children had had it, soaking wet. My two year old grand daughter has a habit of sucking on wet baby wipes, washers etc. I'm sick to the stomach as these precious grand daughters are my gems and I don't think I could cope if they contracted the virus from me. Please advise of the risk.. .
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we call genital herpes a sexually transmitted infection because it takes that sort of naked and intimate contact to transmit  it. It's not something you will transmit through routine day to day activities.   it also won't be transmitted from a hand towel either.

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