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Trinity Captia IgG vs Focus HerpeSelect IgG

Hi Terri

Thank you for answering my first set of questions I posted -  spherocytosis + splenectony with respect to IgG testing.   I did not think those conditions would have an effect on blood tests, but it never hurts to ask an expert.

One important clarification  with respect to the answer you gave me-  

For my first full panel std test,  Focus HerpeSelect   was the test kit used for hsv testing.
It was then sent to an outside lab ( Shiel labs ) for processing.   There was no Shiel test – they were the lab.

I do plan to follow-up on testing because of the wide fluctuation in my HSV2 index numbers.  And I feel you are correct with your assessment that in my case there is a chance that an error in processing may have occurred with respect to my HSV2 tests.
Test #1 from 2010
HerpeSelect HSV1  0.35
HerpeSelect HSV2   8.79

Test #2 from 2012
Captia HSV1   0.461
Captia HSV2  0.735

It does not make sense that a person could test positive in 2010 and then negative in 2012.   But it is strange that only the HSV2 test was so irregular.   The HSV1 tests for both dates seem consistent.

My follow-up questions

1 – Do you have an opinion on  Focus HerpeSelect  vs  Trinity Captia  based on your real-life experiences and subject knowledge ?   I read your book “The Good News about Bad News” so I do know that both are IgG and pretty popular for blood testing HSV.  

2 - With respect to your Westover Heights office,  do you offer both the HerpeSelect and Captia ?   Or just one of them ?  

3 – If requested by a patient, do you also do the Western Blot  at your Westover Heights office and then ship the kit to Washington State for processing  ?

4 – What is your opinion on in-house lab work vs labs such as Quest or LabCorp ?

Thank you again for your help !
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In my experience, both tests are good though not perfect.  
The HSV 1 tests are very consistent,  yes.  
In our office, we do the herpeselect test, though we may switch to the new Roche test soon, not decided yet.  We confirm all HSV 2 test with an index value of 1.1 to 3.5, assuming the patient can afford it.  Those are sent to the University of Washington, yes.  Anyone can request a western blot through our clinic, even those living far away.  We feel confirmation is VERY important.  

I think Quest and LabCorp quality is very similar.

Clearly, in your case, you need confirmation by a second test.

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Thank you for your answers Teri ... yes I think I would be interested in the Western Blot.

Is the basic procedure/steps for the test as  follows

1 - I call your Westover Heights office as a phone patient
2 - You send a perscription and Western Blot Kit to a lab that you trust ( i'm guessing Quest or LabCorp ) that is close to me
3 - The lab does the blood draw
4 - The lab sends the kit back to you ?  or directly to Univ of Wash ?

Do I have the steps correct ?

My only reservation is I have read that the transporting of the kit back to Univ of Wash is very particular ( dry ice, packing, labels )

Chances are a lab close to me would not take the kind of care and diligence that I am sure  your office does  ... also you have a lot of experience with the test as opposed to a standard Quest or LabCorp

That is why I still think about the option of flying into Oregon ... I know it will be handled correctly.    

I never heard of the Roche test. but that also sounds promising if you are considering it

Is your experiences with sending the kit across the country and getting the blood sent back correctly generally a good one ?    

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You have it correct.  We only use Quest labs for this process.  It goes very smoothly, really.  Almost always ;-)

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