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Two dime sized red slightly raised bumps in groin

My last post got moved to dermatology section because I had put down dry flaky skin in the cracks of my groin. I forgot that 4 weeks ago I got these two dime sized slightly raised bumps on my groin (near where the dry flaky skin occurs). These two bumps appeared during my flu like symptoms and haven't bothered me but haven't gone away! I'm worried they are herpes or two warts. They are red and when I first noticed them was the first time I got the dry flaky and cracking skin along the crack of my groin. What could this be? Do I have bacterial
Infection, I had numerous symptoms including thrush with sores on my tongue. Why won't these go away. They don't itch or burn, I def believe they are connected to the flaky skin that goes all the way down along my groin, the following day it disappears. My rectum usually itches and get slight itching around my groin where nothing is there. I had a full std panel 3 weeks post exposure. Negative. But I should get another one for herpes or warts. Any thoughts?
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sounds like a fungal infection. you need to be seen by a dermatologist to get answers, no one here will be able to diagnose you online.
odds are this is not herpes going on.
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Thanks for your comment. I had a dermatologist take a look at it, he didn't think much of it but this was 3 weeks ago and was more concerned about my testing for stds bc that's why I came in there.

Maybe I'll go see him again and have him take a look with a herpes anti body test. These NYC doctors brush off a lot of stuff bc they see a thousand patients a day.

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Yesterday I started getting some sharp
Pain on my left side of my scrotum. It wasnt testicular it felt like it was on the skin. I couldnt see anything visible. Past couple days I've noticed on the head of my penis has been getting discolored in a few areas that are white. I don't know if it's bad blood flow would cause that or it's part of what I've been dealing with.
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These bumps have pealed but can stil be seen with white dry skin boarder. Now my tip of my penis burns and is red with some inflammation.

Not sure if this is a yeast infection. I was prescribed Zithromax when I saw a dermatologist to make sure to remove and bacteria even though I was tested negative for stds at 3 1/2 weeks after recieving oral.

No one here including Dr. Hook think its herpes. What could it be and what test should i ask for? Thanks, god bless.
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continue to follow up with your urologist for the pains and your dermatologist for the rashes and go from there. doesn't sound std related at this point at all.

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Thanks for the response, today my uretha pain has lightened up but now I have pains in my armpits. I tried touching to see if my lymph nodes were swollen, I can't really tell....but it's tender and painful.

It's tough to chose a dr at this point. I've been two three different kind of doctors and don't have a primary doc. Costs have really been adding up with all my lab work. I did have some pain in my armpits a few days after I felt Ill during the heavy fatigue, at that point I thought it was HIV related. But with my 4 week test and advise from everyone here that's it's not hiV I can completely rule that out? I don't know what kind of doc is the best route? I know you suggested urologist but now pain is my armpit. Dermatologist but the skin looks alright in that area. If i pull slightly on certain armpit hairs it aches/pain.

I'm sorry to keep doing this but im just getting problems after problems.
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I think you are just overly anxious about std's. no real reason to be concerned about some arm pit pain at this point. follow up on the skin rashes.
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Thanks for quick response, I'm just overly anxious to stop having complications with my body. My body felt infected, then I get aches,
Swelling, skin rashes, pains. If the best route is to a dermatologist to check out the two slightly raised bumps on my groin. That have been there for over a month then ill do that. This doesn't in anyway resemble HIV correct?
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Definitely not HIV related.
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Thanks, then I'm just gonna try and do my best to move on from thinking its HIV. Just have so many complications with my body, it's an infection of some sort that's hit from head to toe. That's why I got so damn worried about HIV.
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Do you think this is a bacterial infection? Can be reached throughout the body or a fungal infection? Which doc would be best urologist or the dermatologist?
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Still have swelling and pain in my uretha and tonight appears that thrush has came back, looks like my infection is happening throughout my body again, so frustrated and lost.
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really nothing else I can help you with at this point. if you are concerned about hiv, post on the hiv forum. the best thing to do is to continue to follow up with your providers to try to get better answers and to seek out help with your anxiety so it doesn't cause you to worry about every single little thing you feel/see on your body.
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