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Undiagnosed Herpes

Hi Terri

Hi Terri,

8 weeks ago I received unprotected oral and had protected vaginal sex for 30 second to a minute before I stopped it and left. There was some but minor light kissing.
The person was a CSW in Thailand. I was drunk and have been suffering sever guilt and anxiety since.
I started with some very real symptoms however 3 days later.

Day 3 - night sweats

1 week - later painful swollen groin glands and pain down leg and testicles
Itchy anus and slightly red irritation on penis.

I was diagnosed with prostatitis and started six week ani biotic course.

Week two- Developed white patchy tongue with lesions on the out side and burning skin in thighs.

I Told doctor about exposure and he sent me for full Check. HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, HEP C. all negative 4 weeks.

Following this night sweat remained, Re tested for all of the above at 7 weeks all negative.
I have also since been waking with numb hands and feet during the night only. I am also getting sever muscle twitching and any tongue has whitened and has ulcers again.

At week 7 I also  noticed slight irritation in urethra, I also notice what seem like five or so small pimple/blisters on the to of my thigh and glands and dull ach in testicles
The GP checked these but didn't swab, he was positive they were not herpes. Now (week 8) I have been to the SHC in the city, they swabbed the end of the penis but were only looking for Chlamydia and Gon.
Both Negative. I have also visited a infectious disease specialist but the blisters had healed. He had no reason to believe that my symptoms were STD related. He didn’t get to see the blisters.

My Questions,

1 Is it possible to have an primary outbreak without blister followed by a second 6 weeks later with blisters?
2 Does this sound like a possible herpes related STD.
3 If I have HSV2 orally can I spread this to my daughter and partner easily?
4 If you don’t believe this is herpes can you give me any other possibilities
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I can tell that you are very worried, but from my perspective as a herpes expert, I don't see a reason to think this is herpes.  No.  If someone looked at the bumps on your thigh and said it looked nothing like herpes, then I seriously doubt that it was.  An actual exam is far better than what I can give you over the internet.  

I wish I could give you some ideas about what else might be going on because I'm a herpes specialist, not a generalist.  But I would go to your regular health care provider and describe the numbness in your hands and feet and twitching and ask them to evaluate you for anything else that might be going on.

Sometimes when people have an encounter such as the one you had, they begin to notice every little body symptom that they might have not worried about before.  Perhaps that is part of what is happening with you?

You seem quite worried about the night sweats but that is not a symptom of herpes.

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I also have been getting sever headaches and numb tingling lips.

Thanks Terri
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Sorry again. I forgot to mention a hard pea sized lump on the roof of my mouth.

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Again, if you have a symptom like a lump in your mouth, you should have that evaluated by a professional.

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Thankyou Terri for taking the time to reply,
Worried is an understatment, I do under stand that the numb hands an feet are probably due to the anxiety I am dealing with, maybe the sweats are the medication. I have been seen about six times by mey GP and I have had a meeting with an infectious diseases specialist whom can neither pin point this to any STD. I am going nuts over this and can't seem to get past herpes. Thr groin glands swelling and burning skin I thought were signs of herpes I did read on a few wesite that night sweats are a symptom but I'll take your word for it that they are not. I am just at a loss as to what this is.
The lump in my mouth has disappeared and was probably unrelated.
I am just noticing every little change. I do have pain in the penis and aching testicles still and find very difficult to ejaculate. I have read in a lot of your other posts that the herpes symptoms would not be lasting this long? Thanks again for you time.
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You're welcome.  Just so you know, continuing to see health care providers, continuing to test beyond the time it is reasonable that you would be positive, will all keep your worry going as opposed to reassuring you.  I know it seems counterintuitive, but it is true.

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Thanks Terri,
With the pain I'm a getting I am struggling to to accept they have not overlooked something even if it is not STD related. I really appreciate the time you have taken. I had a bad UTI back in May and have been treated for protatitis but no infection was found in the blood tests. Just really at a loss.
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Overlooked?  I  honestly doubt that.  Hope you get this sorted out.

this will be my last post on this thread.

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Hi Terri ,
Sorry to repost but I would really appreciate your
Time for one more question. I have just received my blood
Test results from my GP. HIV, gon, syph, chlamidia,
Hep abc HSV2 all neg HSV1 positive. I did not receive the exact
Readings but would an igg blood test for HSV2 be conclusive
Enough for me to finally move on with my life?
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Yes, I believe it would be conclusive enough.

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Hi Terri,
I would like to Thank both yourself and Dr H for taking the time to help me and anwering my questions. It has truely helped get through a very dark and regretable time in my life. I would also like to post a messege to any fellow Australians who if you happen to be reading this, please take advantage of the SHC we have in all of our states and major cities as I was advised from Dr H. It's an exellent and completely free service. It is also non judgemental thorough and even the medication is free if required.
Thankyou both once again.
Moving on.
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Terri SHC?  Is there any good places to check here in Dallas, TX.
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Sexual Health Clinic.

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Of course

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