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Unprotected sex, itching, herpes?

I had unprotected the night of 11/30.

The afternoon of 12/1 I started having unexplainable abdominal and intestinal pain. It resulted in me having diarrhea every few hours which has still not fully resolved.

Then, starting on 12/3 and intensifying on 12/4, I started feeling a burning/itching sensation on my penis and groin area.

I have been checking it and do not see any redness or swelling or rash of any kind. But it itches and burns pretty bad. There is also occasionally some flakes of dry skin.

I’d like to know if I could have possibly contracted herpes.

I’ve read that there is a period before lesions appear in which you experience pain/itchiness in your groin and that this could last for a few days. Is that correct? Is it possible to have that pain/itchiness, never develop sores, and still have herpes? And what about this unexplainable bout of diarrhea? Is that a sign of something STD related? Or could it be what’s causing the itchiness in my groin?

Thank you for you help.

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