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Unsure if this is oral herpes or canker sore or other?

Approximately 18 days ago I gave oral sex to another man, he did not have any visible lesions etc. last night my throats felt bother and sore and I saw the area next to my tonsil was red and inflamed. This inflammation went down and I now have a red circle around a small white center. It is not painful and it does not hurt to swallow. What could this be an irritation from food herpes etc? I am unsure what to do and my bf who does not know about my massive mistake I made thinks I am being crazy but I truly love him and don't want to pass this to him if it is herpes. Please advise
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Hi herpes would not have a white center and would more be on your lips not the throat.
Thanks for your answer . It has calmed me some. I have read some many conflicting things online and on here  and was unsure. I wasn't sure if herpes initial outbreak could just be one lesion in the back of the throat and how typical it is to get or potentially hsv2 orally
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Hsv2 is rarely an oral infection. It simply doesn't like the oral cavity. I do not suspect hsv with your single sore in the back of your throat
Thanks for the information ! It seems like white center is shrinking as well as red area .. so I guess that is a good thing
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It's a very good thing
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