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Vaginal lesions

A few months ago I noticed I had what I describe as a canker-sore looking ulcer on my labia. A few days later I went to the gynecologist to have it checked out. The doctor immediately informed me that it looked very much like herpes. I told her that was impossible since during an annual screening I was screened for all STD's, which included a blood test for both types of herpes. She mentioned that sometimes those blood tests can be wrong and decided to do a viral culture. I got a call that my results were negative. However, a few days ago I noticed another ulcer identical to the first one and then today I noticed more are forming. I have not been sexually active in almost 2 years, so this would not be a new virus if this was the case. What are the odds that both of my negative tests could have been wrong? Also, I have noticed I have a canker sores in my mouth and my right tonsil is extremely inflamed. I've naturally been researching and found something called Behcet disease that I seem to match the symptoms for. I should also mention that this has happened in prior years, and I have been tested and always come back negative. What can this be? Help!
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Hi, swabs are only of value when showing a positive as false negative are common but a blood test is over 95% accurate. Old herpes outbreaks only occur on one side so if your having sores on both sides it would not be related to a prior infection. Often times sores like your describing are fungal related and can appear when your having a period or after also the same if theres a yeast infection.
You should follow up with your doctor about this.
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What type of blood tests were performed? Were they IGG or IGM. This is key. Typically, when requesting a full gamut or complete std screening, it includes the IGG. You need to verify this to ensure your blood tests can be relied upon as accurate.

Have you had any new exposures since your negative test? If you have multiple ulcers in your genital area I would see a doctor ASAP for another swab on those lesions and seek a type specific IGG blood test immediately!

Sores inside your mouth that you describe seem to be canker sores. Not herpes. I have had the same issues orally and my swabs and blood work show no herpes. Again, odds are your oral lesions are not related to herpes.

However your genital lesions are very sketchy, and multiple ulcers in the area could be related, but testing must be performed. Please seek the above right away to rule it out.
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I just looked at my medical records and the test performed was "HERPES SUBTYPE (HSV-1/HSV-2) by PCR" and the results were negative. This was back in May 2013, 4 months after my last sexual encounter. The last time I experience the genital lesion (and it was only only one) was in July of this year, and the culture for that came back negative. The lesion was still very much active at that time as it was causing me alot of pain. The person above mentioned something about this possibly being fungal related/period related? I did get my period yesterday evening.. could that have anything to do with it? I am going to the doctor in a few hours but I'm really freaking out now so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Can you be more specific. Was that PCR test a swab or PCR blood test? If it's the PCR blood test that should no way be confirmation you don't have herpes.

Herpes isn't found in blood and the correct test you should have and need ASAP with a type specific IGG antibody test. This tests for the bodies antibodies that are formed to combat infection. Take this test to gain more clarity on your situation. If positive, you then have your answer.

A PCR swab is also a very accurate form of swab when compared to a viral culture. If this was used on an active fresh lesion, then that's a good sign it's not herpes.

Please confirm the above and take a IGG type specific blood test.
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The PCR test was a swab test, but at the time I had no lesions. Is this still accurate?

Also, I just got back from the doctor. She informed me she thinks the one sore does look like herpes, but the other spots that I thought were sores look more like cysts to her. She took a swab of the sore and it is being sent off to the lab. I asked about doing a blood test but she said if this is an initial outbreak antibodies won't form for about 3-4 weeks, so the blood work could be a false negative. She said if the results of this swab are negative again we will do a blood test.

She told me that she believes the swab to be extremely accurate since the lesion is still very new and active but like I said before I have had a lesion before and the swab came back negative. What are the odds that BOTH that test and this test (if it comes back negative) are wrong?

She also prescribed me valtrex to take for 10 days just in case I am positive. Will this effect me in any way if this isn't a herpes virus?

If I'm negative, what else can cause lesions like this?
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Still havent gotten my culture results back but since those are sometimes inaccurate I couldn't wait any longer and went and got an IGG blood test today. Should have my results back within 24-48 hours. The test description said for detection at 3 weeks or more. How accurate are the results of this test given that it has been well over 3 weeks since my last sexual encounter?
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It won't be conclusive but could provide a nice baseline for you. Very smart for taking the blood test regardless of it not being 12 weeks yet (conclusive at that time).

With the swab, you are doing ALL the right things. Please post your results when you get them for both so we can assist further.

Good luck
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My blood work results are as follows:

HSV 1 IgG, type Spec     <0.91
HSV 2 IgG, type Spec     <0.91

I'm assuming this means I'm negative for both types. Since I have NOT had any sexual contact in almost 2 years, is this result conclusive?

Also, my doctor put me on Valtrex after taking a culture just in case it was herpes so that it would go away faster. Could this have turned a would've been positive result to my negative result?

And finally.. if it's not herpes.. what else could it have been?
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thoughts anyone?? i'm still extremely worried. any help would be appreciated.
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your blood tests are negative for herpes. Since this couldn't have been a newly acquired infection for you, you know these are not herpes lesions.

at this point, your provider needs to be doing a more thorough work up for your symptoms. You've had these previously and herpes has been ruled out so it's time to explore other causes. Many things can cause oral and genital lesions like this including bechet's as you have already read about. If your gyn is stumped, time to consult both a rheumatologist and a dermatologist for further evaluation.

Best of luck!! Also if you don't mind updating this post once you do have answers, it really helps folks who are following to see "the rest of the story". thanks!!

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Just wanted to give an update. I went to a dermatologist and had a biopsy done on the ulcer. Unfortunately though, still no answers. From what I know, herpes and syphillis are negative but we still don't know what caused the ulcers. We are leaning towards an autoimmune disease (such as bechets syndrome) but more tests are required.

Has anyone dealt with something like this?
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hopefully you get better answers soon :)

best of luck getting to the bottom of it all!!!
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