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Valtrex reduction of transmission

Q1:   I just read the "prescribing information " for my new daily Valtrex scrip.  The way I read it, 1.9 % of Valtrex test group acquired HSV2, while 3.6% percent of the placebo group acquired.  Doesn't that mean that almost all of the prevention of acquistion (i.e. 96.4 %) came from the recommended condom or some form of  immunity?   The drug rep, er,  I mean the physician's assistant, who pre$cribed Valtrex, didn't tell me that part !!!    Am I interpreting this right?  

Q2:  Lacking a condom for my lips, is there any data on Valtrex reduction of transmission of HSV from lip tissue that is clear of lesions?  Or is that an issue?  Not  contained in "prescribing information."   Is it reasonable to assume a big reduction from Valtrex?

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Valtrex cuts infection rates by 50%.  You just quoted those infection rates. Isn't 1.9% about half of 3.6%?

A condom for your lips? The hell? Are you talking about HSV2 on the mouth? That's rare, and I doubt you have it. I don't think Valtrex was tested for HSV1, so if you mean cold sores, there's no actual study for it.
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