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Very confused and in a lot of pain.


So a couple of months ago I got several ulcers inside my mouth on my gums and cheeks. I thought they were just plain, run of the mill mouth ulcers from trauma or something. However, earlier this month I got multiple ulcers inside my mouth again. This time I went to the doctor because the back of my throat also had ulcers. The doctor swabbed one of the ulcers and said she was gonna send it to be tested for herpes and for shingles. She said if they didnt call then the tests were negative. So I didn't get a call, the ulcers slowly went away, and I was relieved. However, in the past week and a bit the ulcers have been reappearing, and the glands in my neck are swollen and painful. With a flashlight I am able to see that I have 5 ulcers on my cheeks and gums and multiple ones on the back of my very red throat. So I guess my question is:

Is it possible that the test the doctor did could be a false negative? I have never had a cold sore ever, and I am not getting them now either, just the ulcers. Is it possible to have herpes and only have ulcers inside your mouth rather than on your lips? Does this sound at all like herpes? Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I know I should go get re-tested but I am in a different country and will be returning home later this month [I have free health care at home, and not here], so I am trying to wait it out until I get home, but I am just curious as to whether I should actually be concerned about herpes and my first test being wrong.

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it would be unusual to have this many recurrences inside the mouth with herpes.  at this point I recommend following up with an ENT specialist for a more thorough work up.

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Hi there!

do you happen to have any other symptoms...such as fatigue, exhaustion, constipation, etc?  I am asking you this because i have been suffering from severe outbreaks of mouth ulcers (on my gums, back of throat, tongue) on and off for the past 5 months straight (only 5 days total in 5 months without any).    Sometimes, i have 10-12 painful large sores at once.  I also was tested for herpes but since i have always gotten mouth ulcers since i was little (only once or twice a year though), my doc wasn't too concerned but tested it anyways.  the test was negative.  it wasn't until i just had an appointment with an ENT doctor that it was established that there is an issue with my thyroid!  my thyroid is enlarged and therefore, i went for an ultrasound.  the ultrasound also revealed my thyroid to be enlarged.  the doctor did lots of bloodwork.  Needless to say, i have a follow up this week to go over all the results but the ENT was thinking at the start that i have an autoimmune thyroid disorder, where my immune system has started attacking my thyroid, which as a result, is causing the reoccurring mouth ulcers!  All can be solved with medication to treat the hypothyroidism!  if i was you, i would go get your thyroid levels tested and then go from there. i can not believe it has taken this long for them to figure out that all my problems are resulting from my thyroid!  Good luck!  keep me posted!
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