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Very worried

Hello I have been having really bad anxiety since October of 2018 I haven’t been able to sleep I’ve caused my period to come late from worrying all I do is google herpes all day long in October I know this is a very stupid thing to do but I was just getting off my period and my husband wanted to have sex with me so stupidly I put a huge glob of baby dove rich moisture inside of my vagina and after we had sex I have very sensitive skin I use sensitive skin body wash to keep my eczema around my body in control but I also suffer from BV and I’m very self conscious so later on after we had sex I never showered afterwards and we left for a few hours since I didn’t take a shower I sprayed my vagina with perfume that is very strong I sprayed it a few times through my tight jeans I had on and I also sprayed deodorant that contained aluminum down my butt crack by my perineum after my husband I had sex earlier that day I felt like I was really wet down like probably from the bv since it’s worse after sex but I was sitting in the car for a few hours and didn’t get to shower for atleast 8 hours after all the spraying later on we had sex again after my shower and it was doggy style and it felt like I was really dry around my perineum like there was a dry patch like when he rubbed his condom around my vaginal opening it was on the perineum it felt dry I am wondering if this sounds like herpes or dermatitis from all of the spray deodorant and the soap I put in and around my vaginal hole March 16th I went to the emergency room for anxiety and I was told I had a uti also I told the dr to test me for everything he also told me if I had herpes I would have had Outbreaks being that I’ve been stressed out stressed out enough to get my periods late when the hospital called with my results they told me my blood work was normal and that I did have a uti
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Also my vagina got red and swollen and I think I made my bv worse and got a yeast infection because I had a itchy rash on my inner thighs but when I used monistat 7 day I seen improvement the 2nd day and by the 3rd day the discharge was gone then the itching went away
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It doesn't sound like herpes - and unless your husband has herpes, it wouldn't be. Have either of you ever tested? Can you get a copy of your blood tests?

If you get BV, spraying perfumes and deodorants is not a good idea. The vagina is like a self-cleaning oven, except the vagina does it with a very delicate balance of good and bad bacteria that helps keep everything in check. If you are getting BV, yours isn't in check.

Try wearing 100% cotton underwear, using NOTHING that is scented - toilet paper, soap, washes, detergents, etc., don't douche unless told to by a doctor. You might also try a probiotic. Jarrow makes a good one - http://www.jarrow.com/product/484/Fem-Dophilus It's expensive, so if you can't afford this one (and that is totally understandable), look for something with similar ingredients.

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He doesn’t have it that I know of he does have hidrentatis supprativa under his arms whenever he uses aluminum deodorant I am going to request the blood work tomorrow morning from the hospital but I was wondering if that dry patch was herpes would it go away so well with monistat everywhere on the internet i see it would cause a bad reaction and wouldn’t have cleared up . I went and bought Multidolphius probiotics today thanks
I also caught a stomach virus the same day from a buffet about 8 hours later I was having really bad diarrhea and nausea maybe the dry patch is from the diarrhea irritation also I am prone to hemmoroid I get prolapsed hemmoroids ever since I have birth to my daughter I strain a lot when pooping hopefully the probiotics help with that too
So why the big focus on herpes? I'm confused as to why you have such bad anxiety over this. Were you or your husband with someone outside of the marriage?

The HS that your husband has nothing to do with herpes, and is not contagious.

The dry patch was probably just a dry patch, and nothing more complicated than that. You got sick from a food buffet (sounds like food poisoning, which is always awful), so it's no wonder that your bottom would be sore, especially with the prolapsed hemorrhoids.  

I'm not an expert on the probiotics, but the one you chose looks good. I hope it helps!
I think it’s all in my head it seems like every year around a certain time I start googling diseases stds it started off as googling hep c then hiv now herpes I don’t have any symptoms but I do try and remember all my yeast infections I’ve ever had and all of them have started after using scented soaps even the regular dove will irritate me then I get monistat or put a thin layer of hydrocortisone and the yeast or irritation goes away it just scared me reading herpe forums and stories on reddit I’m constantly feeling my vagina and butt to make sure nothing is there my husband and I haven’t stepped out but you never know what people might do and then I worry about how some people don’t have a herpe outbreak till years later that dry patch I was telling you about might have not even been a dry patch it probably was just regular skin that was dryer from the deodorant I have sprayed I’m going to try and snap out of this a mind is a terrible thing to waste
I have one more question and I will leave it alone  the time I Took monistat when I put the soap in my vagina and I’m guessing a little deodorant might have got in there the discharge I had was clearish white it was very heavy and I also had bleeding and a few times when I wiped I seen yellowish discharge it smelt like bv but I usually don’t wear panties to sleep so one night I woke up and the discharge leaked down my leg and after that I had the itchy rash on my thighs but when I put monistat on it it went away and also the discharge went away on the 2nd day even the smell went away  also My vagina lips were swollen so since it went away with the monistat does this mean it was fungal? I’ve been reading about herpes on the cervix and it scared me
Oh my heavens, don't read reddit for herpes info.

Scented soaps are hell on earth for me. It's like instant irritation. That alone could be causing your yeast and BV issues.

Have either you or your husband ever had a herpes blood test? That could put this entire thing to rest. Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test. Make sure it's type specific, because if it isn't, it will just say, "HSV1 & 2", with a positive or negative, and you won't know if you have hsv1 and/or hsv2, or what the numeric value of it is, which if low enough, could be a false positive.

If your symptoms went away with monistat, it was likely fungal. I think you should stop using all scented products, and all soaps and washes and deodorants, see how that works, and then see your doctor to find out if you have yeast, BV, both or neither. Some of this may even be an allergic reaction to something in a product you use, and could easily be helped by eliminating the use of it.
I have scheduled an appointment at my obgyn for May 2nd and your right I’m sticking to unscented soap laundry detergent and keeping scented stuff away . It seems like everytime i take probiotics my body cramps up maybe it causes trapped gas my legs hurt and my arms even hurt after I take probiotics. I have one more thing to ask you around the time I had the discharge when I took the monistat and it went away my husbands pee hole was swollen and red and his shaft top and bottom itched but he put my external monistat that came with my kit on it and by the next day the swelling went down does that mean it was yeast or could he have had a reaction to the soap I had in my vagina also the first part when we had sex he tried a new condom and it was extra lubricated it was a brand I never seen it was called Wet n wild maybe all of that stuff together the soap the deodorant the new condom half way through sex all contributed to a allergic reaction that turned into a bad yeast infection and made my bv worse it just really scared me the copious watery discharge one time when I wiped it was yellow then I started bleeding like a light period
After we had sex Friday all day I felt like I was really wet and then Saturday that’s when the discharge got really heavy and I thought it was just bv so I was waiting to go to the dr to get flagyl being that it was a holiday I couldn’t get in till a week later so i had the discharge from the 17th till the 28th when I took the monistat does this still sound like a yeast infection to you
Do you think if this was herpes would it had caused a outbreak by now since the discharge I have had about two colds I’ve been extremely stressed out that I can’t even function my husband and I have had sex I also have shaved and nothing has showed up down there my husband also has had the boils under his arm flare up and he gets fevers when ever it happens and he hasn’t had anything show up on his genitals since that swollen pee hole do you think 7 months later something would have showed up on one of us by now
If you have yeast or BV, it's possible you and your husband are just passing it back and forth. You need to stop having sex and both of you get treated after you get diagnosed.

I really don't think this is herpes. Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test while you're there to put your mind at ease.

HS can flare for many reasons, and a lot of people think diet plays a role. There are some really good Facebook groups that can help with this if you are on Facebook - search for hidradenitis suppurativa groups.

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