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Washing your mouth/lips

I'm still very worried when it comes to handling an herpes outbreak. It's so new to me. I'm having one at the moment, and I've been trying not to wash my mouth/lips by traditional means, but last tuesday, the scab came of, and i though I could finally wahs it normally. SO i used my hand, water and soap, and i washed it thoroughly, with the necessary friction. Today, the area aroung my mouth is quite red, and a pimple like thing is growing, right next to the lip, and hurts when i touch it. it doesn't feel like herpes, but my doubt remains. Is it possible to spread herpes to my nose, my chin, my cheeks, or anywhere around my mouth by the process I described? I realized later, that the sore is still active and contageous even after the scab comes of, and untill the new skin is finally formed....and, I know that I still feel the burning and tingling sensation in the area. Should I be worried...is this something I should never do? It's not my first outbreak, but it's been so many years since the last one....and im having the second this year already. Thank you
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it's most helpful when you just keep posting to your original post instead of making new ones. It helps us help you better when everything about you is in one place :)

there is absolutely no reason why you can't wash your lips normally. you won't spread your oral herpes all around.

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