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What Should I Do Next


My story is long (questions listed after my story)....

A few days after my last sexual encounter with a friend I have known for several years (total of 4 sexual encounters in about a month both protected/unprotected), I started experiencing some vaginal itching/irritation. I could not quite but my finger on it but something did not feel right at all. He and I had never been intimate before. Prior to these events, I had not had been in a relationship or had sex for about 12 months. After being tested for several STDs multiple times(except for HSV 2), all my results came back negative. In addition, my doctor treated me for yeast and bacterial infection but it did not resolve this "irritation" I was feeling. Hence, I finally decided to have a HSV 2 IgG blood test done (had not done this before). This test was done ~10 wks after my last sexual encounter mentioned above (IgM also done which was positive at 2.04). The IgG results came back equivocable at 1.02. It was suggested that I wait another few wks and repeat the test. I took a 2nd IgG blood test at ~14 wks after my last sexual encounter. The HSV 2 IgG results came back at 2.58. Through out all of this, my vaginal irritation is no longer there but I do have this CONSTANT tingling/itching, 2 pimples/bumps on the inside of my vagina have occurred about 4 months after last encounter and then cleared within 7 days. The external tingling/itching has worsen (feel it in vaginal area, on back too) - no new pimples/bumps yet. I actually have not been able to sleep at night as a result of the vaginal itching. I have not yet gone to my own doctor to get a prescription for suppression b/c I was waiting to see how bad things would be (blood tests were done via a lab)


- Is this a new infection or have I had this virus for some time now?
- Assuming a new infection, does a primary outbreak last this long or am I have recurring outbreaks
- Should I now start taking Valtrex
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Your ELISA value is in the low positive range (1.1 to 3.5).  It needs to be confirmed with a second test, and I would recommend the herpes western blot through Quest labs.  Enough time has passed since your last sexual encounter for this test to be accurate at this time, I believe.  I would recommend that you get this testing done prior to beginning Valtrex.

Generally speaking, herpes does not cause constant symptoms, but rather, intermittent ones.  You symptoms sound pretty much constant, is that right?  And it is also lasting too long for a typical primary outbreak.  Given the low positive and the somewhat atypical symptoms, I think confirmation is very important in your case.  

Can you arrange the confirmatory test with your provider?

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