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What are my chances of having herpes

Six weeks ago, I had unprotected sex with a female, and performed oral on her. It was regretted immediately. I went for a full std panel at 10 days, as did she. I was negative on all, she was positive for hsv1 and 2. Needless to say I am freaking out. It has now been six weeks I have had testing at week 3,4,5 and 6 negative on all tests 4th gen combo for HIV as well. I have had a white tounge ,tingle/burning sensation on my lips and slight swelling where the lip meets the facial skin.... No sores or lesions. How comfortable should I feel with these tests? Am I just freaking out?
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Hsv2 yearly transmission rates from female to male in couples who have sex 2 times a week and avoid having sex during outbreaks is 4% so chances you got on a one time encounter are low. The igg test misses 8% of hsv2 and 30% of hsv1 infections you can test at 12weeks
Should I be concerned about HIV at this point? Based on negative at 345 and week 6? Is it possible my anxiety are causing these  "symptoms" thanks so much for your response.
You should not be concerned about hiv even with out testing your odds of getting hiv from a single exposure are slim and that with your consistent negative results. I think you can rule that out
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For herpes you have to wait 12 weeks for accurate results.
All the best.
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Did you kiss? What where here igg values For hsv1 and hsv2?
I did. Hsv 1 was .3 Negative hsv 2 was  <0.200
Ok so she was only positive for hsv1 correct?
No both 1 and 2
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At 6 week results for herpes are 70% consistent with your 12 week results. That is 70% of people who are going to test positive will do so at 6 weeks
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Hsv1 was . 3 Negative hsv 2 was <0.200 also negative
I meat to say her test results not yours
I don't have that info unfortunately. Was just told she was positive. If it helps she "claims" she was married, spouse died and had one partner several times and that was around 10 weeks before her and I.
And must have got it from him.... allegedly.
The reason I ask is. are you or she actually sure she is hsv2 positive? If she had a combination hsv1 &2 test then she could just be infected with 1. The values matter if they are positive between the ranges of 1.1 and 3.5 as there is a higher rate of false positives in this range. So if you can find out her test results it may help you eliminate hsv2
Interesting. Thank you for all your answers. This type of forum is such a relief for the many people who have no one to turn to. Thanks again
Ok well, even if she is in fact infected with hsv2. As you can see from the transmission rates I quoted your chances are quite low. Combine that with the fact that you have not had any genital herpes outbreak and your 70% accurate test results. I think thins are looking good
As far as hsv1 really the kissing would have been the main way of transmission. Unfortunately there really isn’t any data on transmission rates for hsv1 but if you test negative at 12 weeks you can also be 70% confident that you don’t have Hsv1
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