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What are the chances I have herpes?

This post is long, but at the bottom are the basic facts if you wanna skip the whole story.

I had a protected one night stand with some guy. He told me the next day how he had herpes, and of course I was worried. I did all the research on the web and discovered if you don't show symptoms within the first 4-5 weeks after contact, you are in the clear. Week 5 hit and I was so happy, till I thought I was getting an outbreak.

I went to the ER where the doctor said he saw nothing {he was an *ss anyways} but I did have a yeast infection, so I was happy. Everything was fine and dandy for six months. I'd gotten a boyfriend, got on the pill and we proceeded to have unprotected sex {for 5 months}.

Basically, six months after the ER visit I had what I thought to be a bad yeast infection, but it just wouldn't go away. After a week of the 'yeast infection' {with treatment} I went to my doctor who said it looked like herpes and ran the test. I was disappointed with a positive result. I don't know exactly which strand or what form of testing he did {as apparently there are two, maybe more}. But he said the test was positive, gave me meds and sent me on my way.

It still took 1-2 weeks before it really started to clear up {then cleared up quickly}. I did have the annoying blisters that were painful, especially when peeing, along with redness and itchiness. So for the next year I had maybe two 'outbreaks' in which I used the medicine my doctor gave me. The only big problem was with herpes, it feels like a yeast infection in the beginning, so I always tried that first and then just tacked on the pills to make sure it was gone {outbreaks hurt! I wanna avoid all I can}. Until finally, after me and my boyfriend broke up I couldn't really afford the pills anymore. So I flat out stopped using them. I got two more 'outbreaks' that I treated as yeast infections {and maybe they were}, it took about 1 1/2 weeks for it to clear up after the treatment, but it worked. Ever since, I've just been treating myself as if i'm getting yeast infections and it's been working.

The only other odd thing is me and my boyfriend from the beginning got back together a year later {still had sex between getting together} and within the three years of our relationship of my having herpes and us having unprotected sex {he knows and doesn't care}... he has NEVER shown any form of a symptom. Plus out the three years I've had herpes, I've had a total of 6 'outbreaks' {started like yeast infections, one or more blisters would start forming} and only three have been treated with pills {and yeast infection meds} and the rest went away with yeast infection alone.....

Basic Facts:
protected sex with one guy
5 weeks later outbreak{?} doc said no
Six months later diagnosed with herpes
unprotected sex with boyfriend for nearly 3 years... he still has NO symptoms
only treated 3 out of 6 outbreaks with Valtrex {and yeast infection medicine}
3 out of 6 outbreaks {a or more sores, redness, itchy, pain included} went away with JUST yeast infection  
       medicine... did take longer than usual tho

So what are the chances I really do have herpes?
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obviously if you tested positive and you have breakouts and a doctor told you you had herpes... there is a pretty good chance you have herpes. if you want to get retested and make sure well there is no harm in that... but have you ever considered maybe it was your boyfriend who gave it to you? hsv1 can be transferred from oral to genital and it is quite common that it wont go back to someone who has it orally to their genitals because they already have antibodies which would explain no symptoms.. or maybe he is a carrier of either hsv1 or hsv2 and just asymptomatic like a large portion of those who have herpes.. ie. why over half of people who have herpes dont know it. the only sure way to know if you have herpes is to be tested.. if you think the first test was wrong.. get retested by a blood test and well have your boyfriend get a blood test too. if you have it and he doesnt.. well i want some of his blood to be given to some herpes research people to see what is keeping him from being infected lol...
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I agree - you had a test that said you had herpes so I would assume you really do have herpes. If you don't know what testing was done, contact the clinic that did it and ask questions.  

I encourage you to stop self treating your "yeast" infections too.  Until you figure out what is herpes and what isn't I think it's important to go thru the hassle of seeing your provider to get tested for yeast and bacterial infections and get an exam to find out what is going on.   There are some otc vaginitis tests you can buy but they basically look at ph so they aren't  the most accurate but it might be helpful.

Since you are in a discordant relationship, you presume, I encourage you to go on suppressive therapy too  since you don't seem to have a handle on what is herpes and what isn't.  If you are in the US you can get acyclovir for suppressive therapy for under $20/month even if you don't have a prescription plan.  Also I think your current partner needs tested to see what his own status is herpeswise. You've been assuming a lot and a lack of symptoms doesn't mean a lack of infection for him so he'll need tested to see if you even have to worry about him contracting the virus from you or not.

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