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What are the chances of contracting herpes after protected sex

I suffer from both psoriasis and eczema. 4 weeks ago I got drunk and had protected sex with a girl that I know has a history of many partners. I don’t remember the encounter but she ensured me that we used a condom for oral and vaginal. I have been experiencing pain in my legs, butt, and groin but have not seen any bumps or anything. I worked out and my thighs were chafing at my lower thighs and around to my butt as I was sweating a lot and wore compression shorts. Lately I have been in pain in my Genital region and am concerned. I know that herpes can be contracted even with the use of a condom and I want to know how likely is it. I haven’t stressed a lot about it but it’s definitely on my mind.  She was tested for all of the basic stds but did not do any blood work so she’s not sure if she has it or not but hasn’t experienced anything that would make her think she does but like I said she’s had a lot of partners and hasn’t been tested for herpes.
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If you used a condom, you have about a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting herpes from a one-time sexual encounter.

Even if you were in a relationship with a female who has hsv2, using condoms would mean you have a 2-3% chance of getting it over the course of a year, assuming you had sex about 2-3x a week, and assuming you were avoiding sex during outbreaks.

Lots of things can cause pain in your legs, butt and groin - a pulled muscle, a pinched nerve, prostatitis, stress, anxiety causing a hyper-awareness of the area, an anal fissure, a spinal issue like an inflamed disc, etc. Herpes is actually pretty far down the list of what would cause pain like this, and you wouldn't have this pain if you haven't had an actual outbreak.

If your pain lingers, see your doctor, but I'd be really surprised if it's herpes.

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