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What are the chances that I have herpes?

I had protected sex about 2 months ago and am starting to get concerned that I may have herpes. About 1-2 weeks after having sex, I started to have really bad vaginal and anal itching. I immediately went to urgent care where they initially diagnosed me with a yeast infection, but took my urine sample and cultures (for stds). I took the diflucan pills twice, but nothing seemed to clear. In fact, I developed a vaginal odor and ran back to urgent care for some type of explanation. My cultures came back for bacterial vaginosis and I was prescribed a week dose of antibiotics. In the mean time, I went to my regular ob/gyn to inform them of my concerns. They also ran a viral culture (for stds) in which it showed I had bacterial vaginosis so assuming that was the problem I took the antibiotics thinking I'd be clear but......

A week after finishing the antibiotics, the itching came back again. I went to a different urgent care this time in which they gave me more diflucan (yeast infection pills) and another dosage of antibiotics assuming that it never fully cleared (they did not run me for stds having been tested twice before). In the mean time, they ran an in-depth analysis of my cultures in which it revealed some rare type of bacterial infection in which I was given ANOTHER dose of antibiotics for a week. For 2 weeks after that, I was fine until about 4 days ago....when I started itching AGAIN.

I went back to urgent care yesterday in which they took another urine sample, more cultures from a pap smear, and this time blood. The physician who looked at my vagina said there were no visible legions and when doing my pelvic exam also said that my cervix didn't indicate any signs of infection or legions. I am so nervous and scared for what this could possibly be. I also have not had sex since any of this has happened and I am not using any new products down there or douching so I'm unsure of why this keeps happening.

Just curious if this sounds like herpes or not? Do you typically have itching without lesions? Also, would the itching still last months after having sex? Any advice would help as I await my test results.
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Also, I gave the guy oral sex as well and do not seem to have had any kind of breakout around the mouth. Assuming that this is herpes and that I caught it from him, would I also have had some kind of breakout around the mouth if he did in fact have herpes?
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Hi, the risk for contracting genital herpes, using a condom where he did not have any genital sores at the time would be close to zero. Do your symtpoms appear herpes connected? No they do not. There are more detailed swab tests you can have performed like the PCR which is DAN based. Also having a herpes select type specific igG blood test for herpes at the 8 week mark would be a good indicator if you have contarcted herpes. Also with the oral, if he did not have any lip sores at the time, the risk again would be close to ero.
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I'm also noticing lots of white discharge, however yeast infection pills don't seem to clear it up. What else could this be? I know they say herpes mimics a yeast infection.
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Just an update. I got my test results back today (I was tested at 10 weeks) and  the results are as follows:

Herpes Type 1 IGG - 0.57
Herpes Type 2 IGG - 0.10

Doctors say I am negative for all other possible STDs as well. A little relieved but still unsure of what is causing this persistent itching and discharge. Possibly the fact that I've taken 3 different courses of antibiotics in the past two months? I'm not sure, but I'm going to stop worrying and trust the results unless more symptoms appear.
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I am so happy about your negative test as I also have a similiar experience that I am going through. Even thought I used condoms for vaginal-penile sex and had unprotected oral, a guy on this site said BV does not cause the level of irritation I had,

The doctor did confirm BV and now I am scared crapless. I will have to test again and hoping for a negative result.
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You sound exactly like me! I used condoms for sex and had unprotected oral and was also diagnosed with BV. Herpes wasn't a thought of mine until the doctor said herpes could cause similar symptoms and my BV wasn't going away. I did not have any lesions or abnormal pap smears either and are still unsure of what is causing the itching, but I feel a lot better now knowing the chances of it being herpes is low. I hope your test results are also negative. Good luck!
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