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What are the odds of hsv 1 outbreak oral vs genitals

So, I had a new sexual partner this past november. Shortly after I had redness, irritation, and was diagnosed with a yeast infection. I took oral meds to treat and symptoms improved. I got better, but following month, end of december, I had chafing and was told it was dermatitis, probably from the pad I was using.
The guy had no visible sores and said he was clean. I've never had sores of any kind, but mom has history of cold sores.

After we broke up 1st of January (last sex the 30th december), I got paranoid regarding mild itch which when I thought of got worse. I got tested and my HSV1 antibody came back positive. PCR genital swab was negative, but they didnt swap throat or mouth. No lesions present, but occasionally I still feel itch. However, I do have recent sore throat as of the 25th with small flesh color bumps on the back of my throat, white coating on tongue. Painful for like a day but now it's fine.

Should I be concerned I might have genital hsv 1?

And is it possible the throat is a first outbreak for the hsv 1 after almost 28 days since last sex? Or is it likely it is a separate infection such as strep?

Thank you and sorry it is such a long post
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So you posted another question, which I'm going to add here, so my brain can keep everything straight and in one place.

Your new question:

I had another post trying to distinguish the odds of HSV 1 being oral or genital, and odds are it is an old oral exposure.

However, I'm a bit worried because I've never had a cold sore or sore in my mouth. I know it can by symptomless but I still want to be sure.

IGG for hsv 1 came back positive 1/15. I got ahold of my ex (last contact 12/30) who says he has been tested and was negative before me, and has never had a cold sore.

Saturday I developed a sore throat and noticed small, not very raised and not painful fleshy/yellow colored bumps on the back wall of my throat with redness only. No visible sores.
By monday throat no longer really hurt but bumps still present. No sores.
This morning I noticed a couple tiny redish white bumps in my lower cheek, but I have been nervous chewing my inner cheeks (bad habit). My cheek feels sore but not painful. No oozing, etc.

Based on this timeline, could this be a first occurence? Or does it seem likely to be something else? Just asking so I can go get a PCR swab done if it seems very likely to be an outbreak. I'd like to know so I have a reference for future.

Thank you

You already have antibodies, so any symptoms now aren't likely to be in your throat. Herpes in your throat, on your gums, etc., usually happens during a brand new infection when you don't have antibodies.

You can go get it swabbed, which would be a good idea in case this is strep throat brewing, but I'd be really surprised if this is herpes.

Why are you so anxious about hsv1? You've likely had it since you were a kid.
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Thank you for the reassurance.
It is not that I am worried about the HSV 1 if I've had it since a child, it is just because I have been having genital symptoms such as itching and redness and was concerned that maybe it was somehow a newer infection in that area vs typical oral hsv.

I just don't want to spread anything without knowing it.

I really appreciate your answers.
The PCR screen I had done on 1/15 didnt actually swab any sores. It was listed as a genital swab, but she really did more of a vaginal/vulvar swab.

That's why I'm a bit worried it could be a new case of genital that the swab didnt pick up. But it seems unlikely the itch would last this long off and on.

I just would never want to give a partner genital. If I know i can prevent it better than if i think i would only get cold sores.
The PCR swab of your vulvar area is actually a good thing. The PCR is super sensitive, and you had symptoms at that time, and it didn't find herpes. That's a good thing. If you had herpes, the PCR would have found it.

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Unless you had visible sores in your mouth, they wouldn't swab the inside of it.

Statistically, you probably have oral hsv1 and have probably had it for a long time.

Did your partner perform oral sex on you? If they didn't, you can't have ghsv1. If you had hsv1 before, and we can't really know that, you can't get genital hsv1 after having oral hsv1.

If you get any genital sores, get a PCR swab done on it.
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To elaborate, I had an antibody IGG positive for hsv1 on 1/15. And yes, my partner did perform oral on me a few times. The last time was 12/30, but I had already had some irritation before that, which I thought was from the previous yeast infection.

No sores were ever present. No body aches, fevers, etc. I do currently think I might have another yeast infection, but I'm panicking over the odds of it actually being HSV1 genital.

For the sore throat, i was worried it was an initial outbreak, but I imagine if my igg was positive weeks ago, that it is an old exposure since it takes a few months to test positive. We were only sexually active for maybe 2.5 months.

Any additional advice will help me so much!
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