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What could these small lesion like bumps be on the entrance of my vagina?

At the bottom of the entrance of my vagina, there are three small bumps. I went to the gynecologist and he couldn't really tell me much. I've been tested for STDs but they are running another test to double check. These bumps are small, there is no pus or "white head", there doesnt seem to be anything under the surface either. They definitely hurt. It doesn't itch or burn on it own but if touched or bothered they sting. I thought I had a tear, that's the type of pain. But upon closer inspection I saw these bumps and went to my OBGYN where he couldn't really give me any answers. Please let me know if you have any offers as to what this could be or if it is just harmless
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I can also upload a very zoomed in professional picture on my profile if it would help
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Hi there.  We do not allow pictures of genitals here or on profile pages.  Thank you.  
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