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What do you think about my HSV1 test results?

I recently did my lab work and my doctor informed me that I tested positive for HSV1. My results came back like this:

Herpes Simplex 1/2 Ab IGG
HSV1 Ab IgG Res: 26.50 H (<=0.90 index)
HSV1 IgG Interp: Positive A (Negative)
HSV2 Ab IgG Res: 0.15(<=0.90 index)
HSV2 IgG Interp: Negative(Negative)

Herpes Simplex IgM Ab Screen
Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1/2 IgM: 4.59 H (0.00-0.90 Ratio)

Isn't 26.50 a very high level? Why is it so high? Is this normal? Should I get retested? I have never had any symptoms. It's freaking me out because I am dealing with someone and I don't know how to tell him I have herpes. Also my urine was contaminated. Does anyone know what that means? Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening down there.
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You're positive for hsv1. The number just means the test is extremely confident it saw the antibodies. So you've never had an outbreak?
I would just tell him you are positive for cold sores. Genital hsv1 (if you have it)is very very rarely ever passed on by intercourse. It sheds very little. In fact if i had a new partner with hsv1 i would much prefer her to have it genitaly.
Honestly, oral hsv1 is so common i wouldn't be to upset. Well over half the adult population has it. Oral hsv1 is not considered an std. Most people get it from relatives when they are small children.
You can have him test. There's a good chance he has hsv1 as well
Will having sex cause an outbreak?
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Trauma sometimes can lead to an outbreak. That being said sex shouldn't dictate outbreaks
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