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What does HSV2 back pain feel like?

I've read that one of the symptoms that accompanies a ob in some people is back pain. But I've failed to find a description of that pain. My question is, how would you describe the back pain from HSV2? Is it like electric shocks? or a dull and constant ache? tingling or burning? etc...

(a more in depth description HSV2 pains of any area would be welcomed...)

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Same as flu like symptoms, body aches
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would that be a constant pain then? or would it be a sudden pain that stops quickly, then happens again a few minutes to hours later?
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Herpes doesn't cause back pain at all. Urban myth.
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Hey Howard, thanks for the response. I don't want to doubt your knowledge, but it says back pain is a symptom on the CDC website. Would you mind me asking why you say it is an urban myth?

Thank you
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