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What does this look like , please help , worried

Does this look like herpes?

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why no answers ? come on someone?
How long has she had them for? Are they painful or sensitive to the touch? Have they changed appearance since the onset?
shes being hard to work with , all i have are the photos and shes going to the gyno in 3 days, she says its a little sensitive, she said it arrived july 4th
It's really hard to tell, her best bet is to have them swabbed.. and also doing a full panel of STD testing would be helpful
alot of people i ask are saying yes , im very worried , some people said razor burn , heat rash ? im like full of anxiety
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Hi there -

We can't diagnose as we aren't doctors, but she does need to get it checked out. If she's being "hard to work with", she may be just as afraid as you are, so remember that this is happening to her body, not yours. Yes, if this is your partner, it could affect you, but stop talking about it to other people. If she wants to talk about it, let her.

You should also be tested. If this is herpes, and you are her partner, you could have transmitted it to her. Most people who have herpes of either type don't know they have it because they don't get symptoms or their symptoms are so mild that they wouldn't ever think it was herpes. Ask your doctor for a type-specific IgG blood test. You could have oral type 1 and transmitted that to her genitals by performing oral sex.

In the meantime, be supportive and gentle with each other.

thanks , im making the appointment today
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