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What is the hsv2 genital to oral transmission risk?

I recently gave a one night stand oral sex.

A few minutes into the oral sex, I noticed a rough patch of skin brush against my tongue. Took a moment to look and noticed red bumps on their genitals. I immediately stopped and rinsed my mouth out.

I asked them their status and they claimed to have been tested recently and all good, but I’m concerned I may have been there for their initial outbreak of herpes.

There’s little information about hsv2 transmission this way (genital to oral), other than that it is “uncommon.”

Is there any better information about this type of transmission?
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It is uncommon. Hsv2 orally is rare - hsv2 doesn't like the mouth, and when it does happen, it sheds a lot less, and recurs far less frequently than either oral hsv1 or genital hsv2.

Have you asked them specifically about their symptoms? Not knowing whether or not you were giving oral sex on a penis or vagina limits things a little, but there are all kinds of things that can cause "rough patches" - shaving bumps, dermatitis, eczema, allergic reactions, dry skin, etc.

You'd be a good partner if you let them know you noticed this, and in a non-accusatory way, suggest that they might need to get it checked out. Your health matters, but theirs does, too. You might get some info from it, too, that could ease your mind.

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