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What is the red raw spot on my vulva

So I’ve found a sore red and raw spot in the crease of my vulva between the labia majora and minora. I only discovered it when I went to the toilet Thursday night and noticed some bright red spots on the toilet paper. Previous to this I had shaved my vulva that afternoon. The next morning when I woke and went to the toilet it stung when I wiped. I had a look in the mirror and saw this very sore red and raw spot. I couldn’t of cut it from shaving cos it was on the skin where there’s no hair. I did use my vibrator the day before and the night of noticing the blood on the toilet paper so maybe I was too vigorous and broke the skin.. I’ve been tested for HSV in the pass both by IGG and IGM blood tests and have always tested positive for HSV1 which I get very mild and infrequent cold sores on my mouth and negative for HSV2. I’ve had cultures taken from my vulva in the past and have always tested negative for HSV1 and HSV2. About 4 weeks ago the guy I was dating gave me oral. He didn’t have any visible symptoms on his mouth. Straight after this the next morning and for the week following I did have some thrush like symptoms kinda like my PH levels had been disrupted - nothing unusual for me. What are you chances this red sore spot I have on my vulva now is HSV? What testing should be get done to find out? Thanks in advance
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HSV 1 can possibly transfer to genitals but you have such plausible things that it would more likely be such as a cut during shaving or friction issue.  I believe the normal pattern is a blister that then becomes a sore rather than a raw spot so truthfully, this does not sound like herpes. Also, initial outbreaks are typically 2 to 12 days after the exposure.  However, if you are worried, your doctor can swab it to see.  
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Ok thank you so much for your reply. If I have had HSV1 orally for years what would the odds be that I contract it genitally from receiving oral sex. Could it be possible the guy had HSV2 orally and I’ve contracted HSV2 to my genitals from him?

I’ve looked at it this morning (it’s Monday here in Australia, so almost 4 days since I noticed it) and the sore spot doesn’t look as raw and looks to be healing.. there’s no crust or scab or a blister site. I have an appointment with my Dr this afternoon. Should I get a blood test as well as a swab?
You already have hsv1, so unless the person who gave you oral had an obvious outbreak, it would be really unlikely that this is genital hsv1. You have antibodies to protect you from getting it again.

If you only had oral sex, I wouldn't worry about this being herpes, unless you have another exposure since your last herpes testing.

HSV2 orally is very, very rare, and when it does happen, it typically never recurs and very rarely sheds, meaning it doesn't transmit.

HSV 2 genital 15-30% (55-110 days per year) of days evaluated

HSV 1 genital 3-5% (10-18 days per year) of days evaluated
HSV 1 oral 25% (~ 91 days per year) of days evaluated

HSV 2 oral 1% (~4 days per year) of days evaluated

What did your doctor say?

Hi Aunt Jessie Thanku for your reply. My dr took a swap of the red area yesterday. She said it’s more likely dermatitis. I suffer from vulvodynia and had years of recurrent thrush in my early 20s (I’m 37 now) So my skin on my vulva often can get red and irritated and it’s quite sensitive. I’m very aware of changes or sensations in that area. I had completely shaven the area before I received oral also....

The last time I had blood tests and cultures done for HSV was 12 years ago when I was first with my daughter’s father. Cultures were negative and IGG blood test was positive for HSV1 and negative for HSV2 (which had come up the same on all my blood tests prior as well) I was with him for 9 yrs and have not been sexually active for the past 3.5 years until 4 weeks ago when I received oral.

What are the chances I’ve been getting false positives on my IGG blood tests for HSV1? I kinda get cold sore symptoms but nothing extremely noticeable...

This morning I actually woke up with a tiny dark red dot on my lip (really tiny but looks like a healed sore) I didn’t have any symptoms on my lips prior to this..

I know rationally it’s more than likely just my normal vulvodynia symptoms flaring up but of course my anxiety is getting the better of me and thinking worst case scenario! I should also mention I have recently gone back on the pill, which my dr said could also be causing some skin issues on my vulva..
Chances of a false positive on an hsv1 test are very low. (Chances of a false positive on an hsv2 are much higher.)

You could always do another type 1 IgG and see what the results are, and if it's a very low positive, that could be a false positive. If you have your actual results from 12 years ago, that would be good, too.

It's really hard for me to say if what you have is herpes vs dermatitis. I'd trust your doctor who has actually seen it.
Thanku again for your reply! Yeah I think I do have my results from 12 years ago lying around somewhere. I had the IGG test done a few times over a 2-3year period back then as part of my routine STI check ups as well as when I had vulva symptoms they did swabs but were always negative. So the positive IGG for HSV1 was always assumed to be oral.

I’m still waiting for my swab results from Monday. I can barely see where the red sore was now, the last 3 days it’s been pretty much gone. Skin on my labia in the creases is red on both sides but not localised to any sore spots, looks more like the normal irritation I get from my vulvodynia sensitivities.

I’ve recently started a new relationship. We haven’t had any sexual interaction yet but I am meant to be spending the weekend with him and I’m freaking out not knowing my status. If the swab does come back negative do you think it’s safe to say I don’t have genital HSV1?! Or could it still be a false negative because it wasn’t cultured in time/sore was too healed?
If you've had cold sores in the past, this can't be genital hsv1. I just don't see how it could be. The timing of the sore appearing doesn't lend itself to herpes, either.

Remember that when you go see your new partner, there are things he could have that you could get. I know you are worried about what you could give him, but have you had the STD talk with him? Have you talked about what kind of protection you'll use? His testing history? I'm not a fan of sitting down and itemizing all your partners and what you did - that's never good, but you do need to know when his last tests were, has he had partners since his last tests, is he positive for anything? Does he know about your vulvodynia? What if you're still sore? Does he know to anticipate that, maybe?

What about a covid talk? Masks?

Yeah, I know, I'm not much fun, but these are things that need to be addressed. We tend to forget, especially if we have something we're worried about ourselves, that they have info we need. :)
Thank you so much again :-)
Yeah I’m yet to talk about all these things with him, which I plan on doing this weekend. Talking about vulvodynia is quite hard as men often can’t quite understand and not having been in this position for 12years I’m definitely nervous about it all. The timing of this sore has just added to my anxiety around my other issues :-(
I know it's hard. Remember, though, if he doesn't handle it well, he's not your man. That's not a reflection on you. Just take a deep breath, and know that you'll be fine, and that he may well tell you stuff you have to process, too. I mean, he could have a bad credit history, a criminal record, his mother may still buy his clothes or do his laundry or iron his underwear or something. We all have stuff we'd rather not have to discuss. Yours is vulvodynia. His may be much worse. Keep that in mind. Hugs!
Hey Auntie Jessie thought I better update to say that the swab culture came back as negative HSV1 & 2. The sore spot healed in time for the weekend but I still seem to be having symptoms. There’s still redness and a stingy feeling just mostly on the one side of the vulva, right in the crease between the labia majora and minora. It’s really stressing me out I can’t stop thinking it’s herpes so I keep checking to see if there’s any blisters or sores.

I did have protected intercourse with the new guy I’m seeing on the weekend. At the time I didn’t have any symptoms. I just don’t know what to do :-(
Is this typical for your vulvodynia? When you got tested for herpes, did you get tested for anything else, like yeast, BV, etc?

Remember that you couldn't have gotten ghsv1 from the oral, because you already have hsv1, and hsv2 isn't a risk from oral.

I think you should see your doctor again. There are other tests that can be done, like a general wound culture, to see what this is.

I'm glad it's going well with the new guy (or at least seems to be).
I guess it kinda is normal for my vulvodynia. Not being sexually active for 3yrs I haven’t really had any vulvodynia symptoms, some here and there but they’d go away pretty quick. Being sexually active again I straight away worry it’s an STI especially herpes.  I’m so traumatised from the recurrent thrush and extensive STI testing with no answers (until I was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia) in my early 20s that I find it hard not to get anxious when I have these symptoms.

I suppose my mind automatically goes to herpes (especially this time as I had a ‘sore’) because I know symptoms can be mild and just be some redness and burning/stinging... So I can I rest my mind in knowing I already have an established HSV1 orally that it’s highly unlikely I would get it genitally after all these years? I’m trying so hard to my rational about this :-(

But yes with all the touching, stretching/pulling looking at my vulva maybe I do have a little bit of yeast or other bacteria... I’m seeing my Dr again today to see what she thinks as the guy I’m seeing is coming to stay tonight. We don’t get to see each other much cos we’re both single parents.

I just wish whatever it was would go away so I could stop worrying about it :-(
I get it - I have chronic conditions and getting diagnosed is more than half the battle with it. The rest is dealing with symptoms, or waiting for symptoms. I'm sorry you know what that's like.

I can't say what this spot is, but I can't imagine how it could be herpes. Has she cultured it? It's probably too late now, unless she can do a PCR swab on it. That's far more sensitive than a regular culture, and can detect herpes on the skin even when no symptoms are present.

Have you and your guy talked about STDs? Do you know what his testing history is? If you haven't talked about that, you should. If he's negative, that could really ease your mind.

Are you in counseling? I'm a big advocate for counseling, especially for people with chronic conditions. It just changes people, and counseling can really help.
Thank you so much for talking this through with me. Yes my dr did a swab I’m assuming was only a culture swab on day 4 of me discovering it so not very reliable...

Yeh we did actually have a conversation about STIs. He had a screening recently and everything was negative. I’m sure it didn’t include bloods for HSV though as here in Australia they won’t do them unless you’re having symptoms. He said he’s never had a cold side before..

I’m currently waiting to get into a psychologist as there’s a 3 month waiting list pretty much everywhere at the moment with how badly people are suffering with covid this year. I’m on anti anxiety meds and have recently upped my dose. So am trying to do all the right things in the meantime. The not knowing is the worst part. I’m pretty good at dealing with whatever it is when I have a diagnosis and a plan.

My rational logical mind tells me this is just broken skin from shaving then using my vibrator without lubricant  and going back on the pill causing the skin to be more dry etc. And the fact that I’m susceptible to irritation in that area and I already have tested positive on blood tests for HSV1 many times before (with cold sore symptoms) and never have had a positive culture done, that it can’t be GHSV1. Gahhh lol Anxiety is the worst!
I'm glad you had the discussion with your partner. No, it probably didn't include hsv blood testing, but that's okay. There is a decently high rate of false positives on the hsv2 blood test, so unless there is a real reason to test, I wouldn't recommend it.

Covid is creating all kinds of anxiety. I know Australian covid numbers are low (that's relative, of course - I'm in Florida in the US, so your numbers seem really low lol), but your lockdown is so different than ours. I'm not sure how I would handle that.

Not knowing is absolutely the worst part of anything. The unknown is scarier than anything.

Go with your rational mind. Logically, it can't be herpes, right? You had no risk for hsv2, and you already have hsv1. Just keep repeating that to yourself. :)
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