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What possible ways could you get HSV-2 without any sexual activity?

Okay. I've only kissed, gave oral sex and had intercourse with my current boyfriend. We were both virgins entirely before we had sex. The onky difference was that he's kissed others before me.

I went to the doctor for a pap smear after I though I may have a yeast infection and I got diagnosed with HSV-2. I'm consfused how I got it since we were botg virgins, have never had any sort of sexual activity (outside of him kissing others on the lips before we dated).

I've never experienced any "break outs", but apparently it's common for people to go months or years without having one. I keep finding contradicting information, from you can get it from toilet seats to you can't get it from toilet seats and you can get it from a kiss to you can't get it from a kiss.

I'm so confused and nervous. I just got diagnosed 3 days ago and I'm currently on Acyclovir.

Please any insight will be more than helpful. Right now I'm just shaking with fear.
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There is a possibility to get it from oral sex, should have check whether he got sores during that time.
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But I was tested for both and only came positive for HSV-2. Is it still possible for that to happen?
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Have you asked your partner to get tested?
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How were you diagnosed with this? Ask for a copy of your test results. It's possible that you had an IgG blood test, but that it was a combo test, where they test for types 1 and 2 together. Your result would look something like "IgG hsv1 and hsv2: 5.3". (Your number will be different.)

That only means you have 1, OR 2, OR both. It doesn't differentiate. If you test positive on the combo test, you need to have a type specific test where it gives you separate results for each type. Many doctors don't know how to effectively test for herpes, and this is what results.

It could also be a false positive. If you can get your test results, we can help figure this out.

Obviously, your partner should be tested. If you both have type 2, and it's specified as type 2, someone had significant genital to genital contact with someone else. Penetration isn't needed, just skin to skin contact with some decent friction. Have your partner ask for a type specific IgG blood test. Make sure it's not an IgM - this applies to you as well. If your result is positive on an IgM, disregard it. It's terribly unreliable.

If you get genital herpes from someone who performs oral sex on you, that would be genital herpes type 1, or ghsv1. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location.

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I'm pretty sure it was not a combo test. I asked to doctor if she was sure I had herpes, and she said I had come positive. At first I thought it might had been HSV-1 but she said I tested negative for that strain but positive for HSV-2.

Neither my partner or I have had any sexual contact before each other. He broke down telling me that he hadn't lied about never having any sort of sexual activity besides normal kissing.

If it was a false postive, how could I be sure? Could getting him tested prove it was negative or is there a way I could possibly contact my doctor afterwards for the test results? I don't know if the results stay recorded or not.
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