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White tongue, bumps on upper corner of lips


I have had this problem for a little over two years now and I have been to the medical clinic many times, all testing negative for any STD. At one point, my ex girlfriend had Chlamydia and I assumed I had it and went to the doctor to take the prescribed medicine, which I did.

For the past two years, I've been dealing with a constant white tongue, inside lips peeling, cheeks peeling. I'm able to brush my tongue to remove the white film on it but it comes back within several hours I'd say.

Months ago, I discovered these cluster of bumps just above the corner of my lip on the upper part on both sides of my lips. They do not pop or are never painful, however I can feel them when I rub my tongue over them.

Lastly, my genital region (I am a male), I have small bumps on the head of my penis along the edges and on the flat part of the tip on the top. That's it, no where else in any part of the genital region. Sometimes I notice that it has an odor as well.

I've taken Diflucan, Nystatin, and even the two 500 mg pills when my ex girlfriend had Chlamydia. All of it seemed to make my mouth feel normal. I've seen a ENT doctor and they said it was just bacteria.

I'm thinking it's maybe some chronic bacteria infection? Also note that my previous sex partner after my ex girlfriend has gotten the same white tongue and odor near her genital region.

Please, any information? I feel like this is affecting my overall health physically and mentally. I have many other symptoms but no reason to list. I have a doctor appointment (again) this upcoming week. Again, I have been tested for STDs 5+ times, all coming back negative.
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White bumps on the interior of the lips are completely normal!
White tongue is from diet. Stay hydrated. It sounds like an overgrowth in your natural flora. Could be from sugary drinks or a diet high in starches (yeast). These two things are not hsv.
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