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White tongue?

After being paranoid about having hsv2 after a stupid, unprotected one night stand with a man of an unknown status, I tested negative at 4 months and was treated with antibiotics for a bacterial infection.

A few weeks after being on the antibiotics, I got a really foul taste in my mouth and noticed my tongue is coated in white that won't scrape off, with red spots (not sores). There's no pain, just like a weird feeling on my tongue.

I have read this can be a side effect of the antibiotic, but when I googled the symptom of white coated tongue and bad breath, I saw all these hsv1 pages pop up, and of course, got paranoid once again, because I kissed someone a few days prior. I honestly feel like my body is just telling me I'm meant to be single forever because any time I do anything with anyone, I seem to get some type of symptom lol.

Does this sound like a primary hsv1 outbreak? I read that reoccurances on the tongue are rare, but primary infections can be this way.

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No this sounds nothing like a herpes outbreak. A white tongue has many causes and is only one of the symptoms you may see if infected with HSV1.
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Thank you Fleetwood20 for answering. Just one final question/clarification from your response if you don't mind. When a white coated tongue is a symptom is it usually accompanied by other symptoms (lip blisters, sore throat etc)?  Or is it common for that to be the only symptom? Thanks in advance.
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A first infection with HSV1 is most likely to produce blisters, quite a few, very noticeable.
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