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Will I get herpes from protected sex w HSV2 Postive partner?

Well about two years ago, maybe 3 I had a protected encounter with someone hsv2 positive. I was tested about 3 4 months after and was neg. A few days ago I had a red spot appear on the head of my penis, it's been 3 days and is still there. It seems as skin is flacking off but it's not sorry and I have no leasons or sores, I'm just very paranoid as I had the same thing a few years back and the Dr told me not to worry about it, I'm gonna call and get tested tomorrow hopefully but until then anyone have any ideas??
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besides red spot on the head of your penis, do you experience any symptom else?
No, maybe some standard itchyness, but more because it's getting humid in my boxers. No sores or pain or anything like that, just a red spot there, no other symtoms. The occasional like pinch, but I'm also being hyper aware of what's going on so I'm sure that's just everyday stuff most of us general put to our junk being in a weird position
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herpes often accompanies with tingling, itching, burning sensations and small blisters or sores. If you only have a red spot, this  can be caused by some skin conditions or another STD. Talk more specific your symptoms
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The doctor said he doesn't have any. worries about it, he said it doesn't look like any sort of STD he also said he didn't want to swab it because it's seriously just a red spot not open sorry or broken skin. He said leave it alone and it'll go away he's sure, I have no itchyness that isn't caused by swampyness in my shorts. He said it's been there 3 days and hasn't shown any symptoms so hes not worried, Wich in turns calms me down lol
Also I've had the same partner sense testing, we have both tested neg about 3 years ago about 3 months after we got together
Just listen to your doctor. Doesn’t sound like anything std related, especially if it hasn’t changed at all.
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