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Wondering About Herpes Risk And Symptoms

Hi I just wanted to ask about a recent encounter that I had. It was an unprotected encounter with a csw 3 days ago. It was cunnilingus for about 5 seconds, followed by unprotected vaginal for about 15 seconds maximum. Afterwards, she told me, "don't worry, I'm clean". I'd assume most people would be honest about this, but maybe she doesn't know, as it seems many people don't. I wanted to know what my std risk (particularly hsv2) would be for an exposure like this. I know it's probably low, but I wanted to ask, since it was unprotected. I urinated and washed off with soap and water maybe 30-60 seconds after, although I think this doesn't actually do anything. The next day, my body felt warm (although my thermometer temperature is normal) and I had white spots on my tonsils. I've gotten these tonsillitis symptoms before, after cunnilingus. The thing is, today, 3 days later, the white spots are more pronounced. I already have hsv1 antibodies (confirmed via previous testing), although I've never noticed a cold sore. So far I haven't noticed any genital symptoms, but I know it's still early. I'm not overly worried but,

My questions are this:

1. Would a new ghsv2 cause white tonsils, 3 days after exposure? Does new ghsv2 affect the tonsils at all, or only the lymph nodes and areas in the groin?

2. Was my risk for ghsv2 significant, given the exposure? I know that it's rare to acquire from a one time exposure and that the 4% chance per year stat. I just wanted to get an idea of how risky this was.

3. Was my risk for more common stds like chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. significant from this?

I know all I can really do is wait to get tested and watch for any unusual symptoms. I guess I just wanted to get an idea of the degree of risk. Thank you!
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I think I'd be worried about the unprotected vaginal. This is the herpes forum so your risk for acquiring herpes from unprotected vaginal sex exists and a more slight risk of oral herpes acquired from giving oral exists (slight and doubtful). But you had unprotected vagina. While a one time unprotected vaginal is lower risk, you still need some testing. HIV, specifically. The other std's, I'd test if you have symptoms, obviously.
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Thank you for your response. That's concerning.. Especially because about an hour ago, I felt some slight itching on the side of my penis, applied some jock itch cream to it, and now I noticed a tiny, barely visible red bump near the area that was itching. It isn't a blister (yet). It doesn't seem to be itching anymore, but I'll keep checking to see if there are any changes within the next day.
giving oral sex is not going to give you oral herpes on your penis, remember that. I'm just realizing you gave oral and didn't receive it. You are not going to get hsv on your genitals from giving oral sex. Right? Your penis isn't involved in that. However, you had unprotected vaginal sex, correct? That's the exposure to worry about here. Has it been 2 to 12 days since the exposure? That's the tie frame for something to develop. I wouldn't think worst case scenario here. If you have a sore, go get it looked at. Take an hiV test at 28 days (duo 4th generation test) just to be safe but transmission of hiv from a one time event like you had is less than 1 percent.
Oh no I'm not worried about oral herpes or hiv. More so about ghsv-2. Specifically whether or not a new ghsv-2 infection would affect the tonsils and cause white spots on them. Or would ghsv-2 only affect the lymph nodes near the affected area, ie. the groin lymph nodes? I just want to know whether it's possible for the tonsil symptoms I have to be related to ghsv-2, since I know they could easily just be from an upper respiratory infection from the cunnilingus. So far it's only been 6 days since the exposure, and so far, no genital symptoms that seem indicative of ghsv-2. I'm gonna keep an eye out for any changes for the next 6-8 days, until I can get std testing later this week and an hsv blood test in 3 months. Thanks again!
If you got genital herpes, you might have general flu like symptoms - achy muscles, fatigue, a headache, etc. You would not have white spots on your tonsils.

You had a VERY low risk here given the brevity of exposure. Your anxiety is far outweighing the risk involved.

Your risk for gonorrhea and chlamydia would be higher, but only slightly.
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